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    Your inner voice always wants to help you.

    The system of life is not uniform, the situation is not always the same, that is, it is a simple matter, no rule, no method, not even a single system, can be completely applicable in any one life, the situation matters a lot. The rules of society, religion, and the noise of external voices sometimes do not let you allow to hear your inner voice.

    Many times we feel that we are doing right because we are following those rules or rituals which we have got from our ancestors or spiritual teachers or religious texts, or society, etc., but still why the result is not as appropriate as we thought. It is not necessary that what you have been taught is always right, sometimes before taking action, your conscience gives you signals and you also feel that maybe something is not right here, but you ignore that voice because maybe you do not give it as much value as other's voice.

    Think about it in a peaceful phase of your mind and ask yourself, do you follow your inner voice..........Please do not make the words of the outside world a streak of stone, understand and listen carefully to your inner voice that comes from experience and your conscience, perhaps by doing this you can win your inner world with the outer world too.
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    The inner voice or the Atma is the ultimate decider of our every move and action and we always consult our inner voice no matter it matters to serious discussions on life and career. Our inner voice always says the truth and that is why we like to consult it on every matter but the outside external voices are full of selfish nature and they tend to stop consulting our inner voice. Our inner voice is nothing but our original thoughts to which we want to stick and go about in the life. Unfortunately we are disturbed and advised by the external forces that are not even connected to our life and yet try to involve themselves and try to rectify us to which we may not agree and allow. For those who are self confident and having formidable experience their work and the inner voice would be same and thus there is no confusion galore.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One should give always value to the inner voice. When we see or hear something, our minds will make an impression of the same. Our inner mind will be telling us something about what we see or what we hear. It will be advising us about the action we have to take or the way we have to behave. We should always give value to the advice it gives us. Sometimes we will be in two minds. We may not be able to decide what we have to do. At such times we should leave the final decision to our inner voice instead of going by logic and other issues.
    always confident

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