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    Have you ever made friends when you were travelling long distance and are still in touch with them?

    Traveling long distances either by air or by train has become a very common factor nowadays. While traveling, we interact with our co-passengers and communicate with them in a friendly manner. Sometimes, a new friendship blooms during the journey and we exchange phone numbers and addresses and invite them to visit our place. I have two or three friends whom I still get in touch with. What about you members? Have you made friends with anybody during your journey? Please discuss.
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    I was fortunate enough to have a good friend made out of long distance train travel on AP Express during ASIAD games the friendship was just introduction and then grown leap and bounds and even today we are in touch with each other. He owns a big textile shop in busy Pathergatti area Hyderabad and during Ramadan he makes good sales equivalent to one year and thus in remaining time he hands over the shop to munshi and keep travel to many cities and towns and also pilgrimage. He often invites me to join him on tours and unfortunately we have family commitments and hence politely turn down his offer. His wife is educated and looks after the accounts of the shop and his two sons are well educated and one is practicing CA and other being engineer. He is down to earth person and never boast of wealth.
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    I travelled a lot and I met many people during the travel and talked a lot with them. Once I was going to Japan to attend a seminar and while travelling I met another person who was also originally from Andhra Pradesh but settled in the US. He was also coming to that seminar. We were on the same flight. We travelled together for about 6 to 8 hours. Later on, also we continued our interaction. He came to India once and met me in Hyderabad. I took him to our factory and showed him the facilities there. We are in touch even now. Once or twice a year we will be talking with each other.
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    This has never happened to me, usually, I do not talk to many people during the journey, even if there is a need, then only in some urgent cases. This conversation has never been able to establish a friendship or any relationship that has been a part of life for a long time. But I have seen many people become so good friends during the journey as if they do not know how long they have known each other. Many times, with more conversations of people, come to know about their old relationships. Well, it depends on the people whether they like to talk more or not.

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    Long back I was travelling long distances by train and many times I had 2 days at my disposal and it was really a big challenge to pass the time in the train. Mainly we were reading books or playing cards or chit-chatting. Many times we came across some people who were very gregarious and wanted to talk in detail about so many things and the result was that the time passed quickly. I met many people like that and we interchanged our addresses and landline phone numbers also but unfortunately when the journey ended we were busy in our routine and forget about those encounters of friendly nature. There was only one instance when while going from Delhi to Kanpur by train, I happened to meet a sales representative who told me that we had met earlier also. I also recollected the earlier meeting. It was a pleasant surprise for me and we had tea together and had a good time. There is no incident other than that when I had a connection with any of the so many people with whom I was so much open and talkative during those encounters on the train journey.
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