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    Had Ram not born what would have been BJP fate asks Shiv Sena

    The see saw encounter between BJP and Shiv Sena is bringing new twists and turns to the political heat in Maharashtra. Once the great ally the Shiv Sena is finding fault with BJP for its Hindutva overtures and leaning too much towards Lord Ram. It even questioned the BJP fate had Lord Ram was not born ? For that matter BJP is also caring about other religions and sects and therefore one cannot say it is purely a saffron party. Anyway members can infer and append their reply to the Shiv Sena observance on the matter.
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    As per Hindu belief, the Avatar of God is bound to arrive on Earth whenever the evil becomes very powerful.

    Lord Rama arrived on the scene when Ravana became very powerful.

    Is any political party want to play the role of Ravana in India-2022?

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    Then why Shiv Sena leaders visited Ayodhya and worshipped Rama ?
    K Mohan
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    A ridiculous question. Did that man know what is the meaning of Siva Sena? In India, almost all the parties play caste and religious cards for winning the elections. Why blame only one party? The seat allocation will be done by almost all the parties taking into consideration the caste of the majority of voters in that constituency. When the new government forms, the ministers will be selected based on their caste and religion. It is a known fact to all. As such why blame only one party.
    All the politicians should know that when they are trying to point out somebody else and many others will be pointing toward them also.

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    Making such comments about Lord Rama is not in a good taste. If someone asks whether Lord Shiva was really there or not then how Siv Sena people would feel? The political fight does not mean that we ask for the very existence of our deities whom such a large population of the country worship and adore. The politicians sometimes forget the limit of the talks they make and create an unhealthy scene. BJP is a party that has done many constructive and progressive works in the country. If they are showing their religious feeling for Lord Rama without harming the other religious people then there is no problem on that account. If BJP has done some groundwork for bringing back the Sanatan Dharm glory to India then in my opinion it is not a wrong thing.
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    Few lost control because their existence is in question and nothing and therefore I am not surprised about what Shiv Sena began to utter which got no sense.

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