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    Jai Sia Ram has now been transformed into Jai Sri Ram?

    I have been hearing Joy Siaram since childhood. The elders of the house are always accustomed to hearing these words. If someone came home or met someone, these words could be heard in exchange for courtesy. In the word "Joy Siyaram" first Sita, then Rama comes just like Radha Krishna. But nowadays everyone is heard to say Joy Sriram. Is it wrong? What do you think?
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    Lord Rama is the great avatar and stands as the testimony of being the normal person and gone through the ordeals of a human being as we confront the life with challenges. Probably Bengalis have the habit of mispronouncing the word and it is not Joy but Jai and it is not Sea but Sia. And coming to the observance of calling just Jai Shri Ram and not Jai Sia Ram, please note that the word Sri or shri refers to Sita Devi and and she was always given the honor of being first and then added Ram to the words so that it becomes Jai Shri Ram. Moreover Lord Rama always carry Sita in esteem and she is located in his heart and even without referring her, she is given the befitting place to be with the Lord. And therefore whether you simply call Rama, or Jai Sri Ram or Jai Shree Ram, the glory and the pride goes to both of them.
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    Jai Sri Ram. The explanation given by Mohan is new to me. All these days I am of the opinion that Sri is a word used to show our respect. Generally. we will add Sri before the names of our elders. We add Sri/Smt. before the names like Mr /Mrs is added in the English language. This is a Sanskrit word and is used in Telugu also as it is. Jai Sri Ram means all good should happen to Sri Ram and he will be always progressing. Joy Sea Ram may be a different language and I don't know the meaning of this phrase. Maybe it is in Bengal.
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    Our Prime Minister addressed the people with the slogan "Joy Siaram" at the Bhumi puja of Ajodhya Temple on 5th August 2020 and said that it is not only resonating in the city of Lord Ram the entire world Cal hear these chants. We really thought Ram kingdom is coming to the country. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad gave the slogan "Joy Siaram" to the Supreme Court in 1992, the same slogan they chanted during the 1990 riot in Jaipur. But why move away from the slogan to "Joy Sriram" now? That was my question.
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