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    Do we use the term best judiciously?

    Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest batsmen the world has produced without any doubt and so was Sir Donald Bradman. Till now there will be no debate but if I say Sachin is the best batsman in the world many of you will compare him with Sir Donald and may claim that he was the best. Now you may keep on debating whom to call the best and nobody will be surprised if the debate continues. The same thing is applicable to other personalities as well and whenever people try to compare who is the best among them a debate can start. Well, there is no harm to debate or discussion as long as no one is crossing the limit but if the debate becomes unending then I think there is no point in debating the matter. Let's think of our daily activities and from time to time some of you often claim that she/he is the best in a specific field but is it really so? Can anyone remain the best forever or is it possible for everyone to choose a person as the best? A couple of you may find somebody the best according to your choice and a couple of others' choices may vary. If someone is best according to you, you may say she/he is best as per your findings as others' choices will vary. So use the term best as per your choice only as everyone will not select the same person as the best. By doing this a couple of nasty debates can also be avoided.
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    We are using the word best in a very vague sense. It is losing its real meaning in that melee. Many times we use it in place of good or better. When there is a group of people in a team we often say that they are the best. What does it convey? They all will have different capabilities and performance levels. How can we say that all of them are the best? Actually only one among them would be the best as regards to work output and performance etc.
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    True. Many of us use that in a very casual way. When we say it is the best we should be able to explain on what basis it is the best. Different people will have different ways to evaluate. Some people may take quality A as the basis whereas somebody else may take quality B as the basis. Once the basis is changed the best will also change.
    We may be paying more for a product thinking that is the best product. But somebody else may say that another product is the best for the rate it is charging.
    Today's best may not be tomorrow's best. It is never stationary and it will be changing from time to time. Again the best will change based on the interests and the desires of the user also. So it is very difficult to come to an understanding of the best. For me, the best may not be the best for you. There will be always discussion on this and many times the discussions may not arrive at an understanding even after a long discussion.

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