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    When you buy an expensive product do you buy it based on quality or a cheaper price?

    Some people buy only branded products even if the price is much higher than the other products of similar ones. However, some other individuals are particular about saving money which compels them to buy cheaper items. For example, some people buy branded watches that cost an arm and a leg. on the flip side, some others buy cheap watches which might or might not last long. What is your choice? Please discuss.
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    Good question posed by the author. The purchasing decision of us on expensive products depends on its usage, brand and how it fares with the local brand of same quality and even prices compared. For example this is the summer season and the demand for coolers has been increasing and some are going for new one and others are disposing their old coolers and going for new purchase. Now if you chose a branded cooler the cost is obviously more and the same and even better quality and features are there in local brands and the price is very reasonable. What I am trying to say that why should we pay a premium of same quality and features when the good product available in local brands at attractive price and more over greater attention on after sales service. In the name of quality many are wasting money.
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    I prefer a quality product at a reasonable price. I don't want to go for products that are not quality products but cost less. If I spend 10 rupees on a product that never performs satisfactorily, I feel that the total money spent is a waste. Instead of that if I get a product that performs well for Rs.11/- or Rs.12/- it is better to go for that as your investment is worth it. When two quality products are available one costing Rs.12/- and the other for Rs,15/-, I will not go for the Rs.15/- product just for some additional facilities.
    Quality is to be seen always. Quality will have its own cost and we have to pay for it. But in the name of quality, the companies should not increase the rates very high. But these days brand is making a lot of difference. Many people don't hesitate to spend for the brand value. This trend is more in youth these days.

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    Branded items are generally expensive. There is a reason for that. First thing is generally they are good in quality. Second thing is that they are sold at high end shops with glittering lights and air conditioning. They have to realise all these cost of maintenance from the consumer.
    It is interesting to note that same quality material under some other company name maybe available at lower price in the market but it is very difficult to make out the quality of a product by common consumer and that is the reason why many people who can afford go to the branded shops.
    On the other hand some people believe that there is no point in buying branded and costly items and better to go for cheaper items and it doesn't matter whether it lasts for longer or not. Generally people having inclination towards making more savings in their lives follow this path.
    Weather a person is rich or poor it is individual's choice to go for costlier or cheaper products.

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    It solely depends on one's financial status to buy a branded product or its cheaper versions available in the market. We can see replicas of branded apparel being sold on footpaths also for our poorer cousins. When any new fashionable product is introduced first time in the market by famous brands, its cheaper versions are made available on the footpath overnight. We can see fashionable jeans, t-shirts, leggings, backpacks, goggles etc. being used in the remote villages also.

    On the other hand, the wealthy people go shopping in Dubai, Singapur or even London or New York.

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    This is a good question asked by the author. It depends what is the budget of the person, by the way, when we are taking any such item in which it has to be long term, then it is wise that we also pay attention to the quality because in such cases quality is the primary. In today's time, it is possible to easily get expensive things through loans, etc. But still, a person himself knows how he has to do financial management in his life, then on that basis he should make a decision. Our life is connected with many relations and we have many responsibilities also so such decision should be based on all important factors associated.

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    Now if an expensive product is available at a cheaper price would you still call it expensive? The important thing here is the usage of the product. If you plan to use it for a longer duration and the functionality of the product has a great impact on your daily lives go for a good brand that has durability. If you plan to use it for a specific purpose and for a specific period where quality is not much important then definitely go for the cheaper ones. If the product is concerned with your health then you must choose the one which has very less/no impact on your well-being. For any packaged food item go for the ones that follow all the guidelines in place that you will find on the label of the product. Here going for the unbranded and cheaper ones that have no product details is not advisable. When you are purchasing a wristwatch you must be looking for specific functionalities and will choose the model according to your affordability. There is no point in going for highly-priced branded ones that you cannot afford and at the same time, you also cannot purchase an item that you cannot properly use because of its quality. The quality of an item is an important factor and it cannot be said that all unbranded items are of inferior quality. The review of the available products, your purpose and your budget are the criteria while making a selection.

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    Of course, I base my choice on quality; otherwise, there's no reason to buy something expensive.

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