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    Guiding as a driving force and be driven

    In armed forces there are many ways to sustain the interest and inducements to the cadre on how to be a driving force as the senior officers to be at the front line at times of emergencies and war situation and the pep up activities would certainly bring more confidence and self driving force to tackle the enemies and their evil plans with formidable approached attack. But the officers themselves proves to be driven to the cause and thus the courage and pride to safeguard the country would furthermore added as a total strong force to reckon with.
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    Self-motivation will be the key for the armed forces to be successful in tackling the enemies effectively. If the senior officers get themselves motivated and try their best to motivate the personnel under them is the key to success. The political leaders who are involved in the government should give a free hand to the senior officials of the armed forces by giving the general guidelines. Then these officers can make their own strategies and see that their plans will be implemented on the ground by the people at that level.
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    Those who are in armed forces always displayed their vigor and vitality for others to emulate.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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