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    Is it really possible to get rid of cockroaches in the house?

    I don't know exactly if cockroaches are found in all regions of India or not. However, there were cockroaches in all cities of India where I lived so far.

    Are cockroaches found in your city also?

    My basic question is if it is really possible to get rid of cockroaches? Apparently, it is not possible as I have tried all possible means including hiring professional agencies but could not succeed. Initially, using a gel-like substance as bait, it appeared that they got eliminated but they reappeared only after a few days to rule the kitchen as usual during the night.

    Let us discuss and share our experiences as to how to control cockroaches using various methods.
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    Cockroaches are present at every place across the country and be it village, town or big cities, the cockroaches take birth in the gutters, and through that opening they would enter the house and spread very fast as they grow in leap and bounds. As far as possible we should keep the water outlets from the rooms kept fully closed to prevent cockroaches from entering the rooms. Once they enter the places, they would find their way to most cluster place in the home and try to build its own empire. But the cockroach spray from a famous brand does kills them instantly even they are in the secured place. As for as possible we must keep our house neat and clean and never give chance for them to multiply. And if the lizards are present in the house, they would certainly hunt the cockroaches and that would be great meal for them.
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    Cockroaches are the most stubborn species of insects and it is said that they can even withstand and survive the nuclear holocaust. I have also tried many methods to eradicate them but whenever there is a gap in the cleaning of the kitchen and other upkeep in such places, they again emerge out of nowhere. They can hide in small places especially the fissures and cracks in the furniture. They eat a variety of food materials and can easily survive like that. They are a big nuisance for us. Some agencies do the job of killing insects in the houses in a professional way and claim that they can make the place devoid of these irritating insects. We can take their help also and see how effective the treatment is.
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    Cockroaches are very irritating and very difficult to control. We should see that no cockroaches will come inside the house. One cockroach entering the house means it can create many there.
    In Telangana, we get a marker called ' Lakshmana Rekha'. It is like a chalk piece and if we make a line around inside each room after cleaning the floor with a wet cloth. It works well and will not allow these insects inside. But in bathrooms, it is very difficult. We use hit there and this will kill the insects that are present at that moment. By any chance, if we stop applying that these insects may come very fast inside. There is no permanent solution to this. Keeping the house clean and neat, using Lakshman Rekha and whenever we go out of the station we should apply hit in all the washrooms and keep them locked. My wife is more worried about these cockroaches and she will be very alert.

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    cockroaches and mosquitoes are found everywhere almost in all cities, In villages I believe the encroachment of cockroaches and mosquitoes are less comparing to cities, It is believed that the spray of water plus cow dung plus turmeric powder in the entrance of the houses daily morning and in the sun hot the mixture get dried and spread somewhat unknown atmosphere. In cities the usage of such compound is treated as indecent. In our house we used 'Lakshman Rekha' and hit spray to eradicate the cockroaches but no use. When we saw some ants in the house my mother applied some chemical powder but the ants went as usually. My father told my mother the ants came and went by applying the powder as you all applying face powder.

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    Yes, it is not possible we have tried seeing youtube, Facebook all social website solutions, and as well as Advertisements but none get fruitful results.But Musquito hit sprayer will give some relief
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    This question is a combination of most of the people's questions, because once a house is attacked by cockroaches, if they are not eradicated on time, their offspring does not take long to grow and once they become permanent members of your house Then you can't get rid of them. Although insecticides are the best solution for this, but if you want, you can avoid them by taking some precautions, like eating and drinking should not be dirty, keep the sink clean, do not keep stale food in the kitchen for days etc.

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