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    Medicines are now costlier along with essential commodities in India!

    From April 1st even from small tablets which we used to take for headaches Paracetemol to antibiotics, all prices are increased along with essential commodities. As the Government is saying that prices control is not within its scope.
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    Yes. There is an increase in the cost of medicines. The reason for this is the increase in the cost of inputs in the manufacture of these medicines.
    The prices of some important active pharma ingredients (API) were gone up by 15% to 130%. The prices of solvents that are being used in every syrup, oral drops and sterile preparations went up to 263%. Because of the rise in the cost of these inputs the pharma industry is not able to manage its operations. Added to that COVID has a very big impact on this industry. So the manufacturer's association is demanding an increase of up to 20%. Keeping this demand in view the drug pricing authority of India allowed a price hike of 10.7% for scheduled drugs-which is under price control.
    Many of these drugs are available in Generic shops and we should start purchasing from these shops so that the prices will be still lesser than the rates of other shops.

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    Very challenging life for the common man and salaried class. As the salary take home is fixed and not revised, but the rates of every product has increased but it is now revealed by the author that even medicines would be costlier and that would be added burden. Normally the monthly expenses got increased by 4000 rupees gap as every product and service rates has been raised upwards. It is generally seen that whenever the big elections would be approaching the traders and manufacturers would jack up prices so that they have to given donations for the various political parties otherwise their survival would be difficult. That is the reason being the govt is saying that they cannot control the rising prices and the reasons are many. One thing is sure we are habituated to increased prices but never felt the decreasing prices.
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    Price rise is a vicious circle in which the rise in the price of one item leads to a rise in others. In a free economy, there are many factors driven by market forces that determine the prices of important commodities. In a price rising scenario, Govt also finds itself as helpless and can't arrest the prices as hoped by the public. When the price of raw material increases then the prices of finished products also look up and a peculiar situation arises fuelling the prices of many related items also. The prices of medicines also follow the same trend and the manufacturers raise it seeing the first opportunity in this matter. These things had happened in the past also and are quite common. Govt can only announce increased dearness allowance for its employees based on the price rise and can compensate for the hardship caused to them due to the price rise. But what about the common people of the country who are working in the private sector and also those who are not having any job. Our population is so huge that Govt cannot provide any unemployment allowance to the unemployed persons. The general price rise as well as the medicine price rise is a matter of serious concern.
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    All the raw materials which are used in medicines will be imported from China...
    Everyone should observe the nature of the Graphite structure because a Graphite has only a tendency to convert into diamond under tremendous temperature and pressure.

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