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    Are you good at narrating the content or take pride in self writing ?

    What I feel that I can churn out bigger content if I was asked to narrate to someone and he or she would note and then type the content. While I write on the keyboard, I am not that fast in typing and in that melee the content flow be missing and fall short of a good content. While narrating a content I gets whole some ideas in the mind and that kept on disseminated to the person and thus would become a formidable content. What about you ? Are you comfortable in dictating a content to others or make the same for yourself as the running matter.
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    Vyas Maharshi has written Mahabharat. He wanted somebody to write when he is narrating the slokas. Lord Ganesh showed interest in writing while Vyas was chanting the slokas with one condition there should not be any gap between his writing and Vyas's chanting. That means the chanting of slokas should be as fast as Lord Ganesha writes.
    When I read this thread, I remembered the story told by my grandfather in my childhood.
    I am reasonably fast at typing and I can match my narration and typing. Sometimes I even stop typing thinking about how to continue further. So there is no problem for me. I can't continue the flow if somebody writes or types faster. But writing a letter or replying to a query will be faster but creating content may take more time I feel.

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    In the beginning when I started writing then there were many mistakes in it not only from a language and grammar point of view but also from the structure and presentation side. Slowly I tried to improve and it was a long journey before I reached today's stage. Still, I am not much satisfied because when I read the content of some famous writers then I feel that I have to still go ahead a long way. So far I have published about 250 articles/stories/poems on some internet sites including ISC but when I go through my old content then I invariably find that there is scope for improvement and then I often update them also. So the journey of content writing is a long one and requires sustained efforts and patience.
    Knowledge is power.

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