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    Our desires will only make our life complicated

    We are all human beings. In our life, we will have many desires and aspirations. When we have no own house, we will think of our own shelter to live in. But when we have a small house. we think of additional facilities and big bungalows. A man having his own car will think of going for a better version of the car.

    Like this, our desires will be changing. We will not be satisfied with what we have and always struggle for getting more than what is available to us. These desires only will make our life complicated and we may be struggling forever. So where will be happiness in our lives when our desires are increasing day by day in our lives? What are the views of other members on this?
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    Some amount of desires is necessary in our lives because that works like a motivating force for going for actions to achieve those desires. At the same time desiring more but working less will not be of any help to us in our lives. It is also true that desires have no end. We have a large number of desires embedded in our minds. Are we going to achieve all of them? Sometimes these desires are the reason for our pain and misery. Does not it make sense to get rid of them? We have to try to reduce them and bring them to the minimum possible. That is the trusted way to happiness. Many people are capable to control their desires to the minimum level and have a smooth ride in their lives. It is the choice of the individual to have more unfulfilled desires or have a few achieved ones.
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    Did you know that every moment of life is ending one by one? Those who can color life for seconds are at the top of the list of successes. The struggle is the name of moving life forward by painting every moment. The story of that struggle is different among people and minds. Some easily cross and some fall. But both desire and goal must be kept in mind. Life is all about dealing with the complexities that come with it. So I can't agree with the author.
    Life without goals has no meaning. It is important to do this in order to survive by creating yourself as a human being. Therefore, desire does not create complications but provides the means to survive.

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    Perhaps the author is right, but human life is closely related to aspirations. Efforts should be made that we should control our desires but it is not possible every time. Because the desires have no end or any limit, as soon as the education ends, a new education comes and we are equally eager to fulfill our every education, whether it is small or big, emotionally we are full of desires. Heaps start to build up and as soon as there is any shortage in this heap of desires, our emotional balance starts disturbing and we become unhappy, this creates problems.

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    Wants should be just and reasonable so that it should suffice our needs and should not bring in complications. Wanting a car is a good desire and one can even afford it these days. But the car need not be lavish model which would not only create problem for us in maintenance, service and later on even disposing it off. Likewise any product or service need to be weighed before buying. That is, we must explore the urgency requirement or postponing the same when the market would settle down and the price would be lower. When Covid test was first recommended some testing centers charged us 2800 and the results were delayed. And now the same test is conducted for 300 rupees and the results are given the same evening. So what I mean to say that we should not rush to new products and that should not complicate our lives.
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