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    Which is one of the most beautiful places you've ever been to?

    We travel to different places for different purposes. Sometimes, we travel due to necessity e.g. in connection with our job or for attending some social function or for leisure.

    I have been a frequent traveller. During my service period, I travelled across the length and breadth of India covering most of the states and Union Territories. During such visits, I have been lucky to watch picturesque scenes of the majestic mountains of the Himalayas, the bewitching beauties of the beaches at Puri, Goa and many other coastal cities, an opportunity to breathe in pious pilgrimage places like Ayodhya, Kashi, Mathura, Gaya, Puri and Badrinath etc.

    I have visited the beaches of Hawaii and Bali also and have witnessed the hustle and bustle of cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, London, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco and New York etc.

    Which is one of the most beautiful places you've ever been to?
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    We had been to one serene place called Mallela Theertham in Kurnool district and that was wonderful because it is amidst the big mountains, lots of herbal trees and the serene water falls flowing down and that would instantly make us to go for bathing as we would never get a chance to have a herbal bath. Though the place is in interior part, we went by two wheeler and most of our friends does not wants to return as the tranquil atmosphere with eerie silence and only the sounds of water falls and birds chirping could be heard. Our phones gone mute with no cell signal and thus for the whole time we are not in contact with the world and that was nice feeling that for at least 5 to 6 hours we were not having any disturbance of outside world and totally in the lap of mother nature. The water was so pure to drink.
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    I had visited a number of places in our country and a few places abroad. The foreign spots appear more beautiful because of the cleanliness and maintenance kept in those countries. In that reference I want to say that there are some places in our country which are more beautiful than the foreign tourist places. In my opinion one of such places is Munnar hills in the state of Kerala. The landscape is very picturesque and sequence of hills and valleys as seen from the Munnar town is really breath taking. I would recommend this place for all the people who are interested to visit tourist places in our country. There are regular bus services from Kochi to Munnar and it takes about 6-7 hours to reach there. The journey itself is very enthralling and thrilling.
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    I have also travelled to many important places in India and some places abroad. I travelled to many places in connection with my job and some places as pleasure trips with my family. I had been to almost all the State Capitals of India and other important cities in India. I had been to Bangkok, Chicago. China, Amsterdam, Singapore, Dubai, Prague, Singapore, Istanbul and Korea.
    The place most liked of the various places I have visited is Konaseema of Andhra Pradesh. Away from pollution. Greenery everywhere. The area has many canals and rivers. Mangroves, sugarcane fields, paddy fields, coconut and banana farms make the whole area appear green only. There are beautiful islands to travel around this place and there are many temples to see and we feel very happy when we see the green fields. There are many flower gardens also and you can visit them and enjoy them.

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    I have traveled many places of our country. Each one reiterating that our country have more cultural places in all respects. Here it is not good to compare which is most likeable as one compete another. In one Tamil song hero sung,'enna valam illai intha thirunaattil' which means what great item is missing in our country -like this it is very difficult to individualize as every state has its own credit and heredity. For this only we make our students to study History of our country. Many present people/politicians asking what is the use of studying about Kings like Chera, chola, pandya, pallava, Akbar,tippu, shahjehan etc. , then what is the necessity of having tourism, archeological departments in our country. It is better every parent should take their children to such renowned places.

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