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    KCR paddy politics could not succeed

    TRS govt led by KCR and other leaders has launched agitation to procure Yasangi paddy from the farmers of Telangana and has been pressurizing the center with his agitational mood in New Delhi. Having given ultimatum and no action from the center, the state govt itself has decided to purchase the same. If that was the decision then why did he launch the agitation? And now Congress also joined the stir and exerting pressure on the center over the issue. So the paddy politics which is the state subject was unnecessarily raked up by KCR and failed. Any comment ?
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    We all know KCR and his way of working. One of his ministers was removed and some unproved charges and the same candidate contested in by-elections for the same constituency on a BJP ticket. KCR tried many tricks and used all his good offices to ensure the win of his party candidate. But ultimately, the BJP candidate won the elections and from then onwards he started his anti centre speeches and actions.
    Yesangi Paddy crop was advised by the State government only and the Centre is very clear on its stand and they told vert clearly what they can purchase and what they can't. Irrespective of that KCR asked the farmers to go for Paddy and tried to blame the centre. Now the farmers are becoming anti to state government. KCR is very shaky and thought that he should please the local farmers and decided that the State Government will purchase the total paddy crop of the state. Now how the farmers will respond to him is to be seen.

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    Why he asked all farmers to go for only paddy and thus exerted more pressure on the center which was unwarranted.
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    The procurement of a crop is to be done by the Govt. Farmers are happy whether the centre does it or the state. Sometimes crop amount is large and the procurement might take time or be delayed or partially done. In such a situation it is the duty of both the Govt to work as a team and help the farmers. But what is happening is just the opposite and the state is blaming the centre for none of its faults. This is not a healthy situation. The agitation itself is not based on any logic. The main aim of all the parties should be to help and satisfy the farmers and if there is any politics involved in that then farmers would not like it and ultimately the state would suffer the consequences. It is ridiculous that just to create a problem for the centre a particular agitation is launched.
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    Any drive to promote paddy crops by either central or state governments is itself encouraging. There is no problem if the drive is taken up the government. There is no discrimination in this regard. However sometimes we notice that the state governments are in the habit of blaming centre for some minor issues thinking that such remarks will ultimately go in favour of the state. This is definitely a bad politics and such acts are not be encouraged by either of the agencies. Their main intention is to satisfy the people with their genuine help so that they are benefited to the maximum extent. If something is done to malign the image of either of the governments, it is rather ridiculous and such activities are to be avoided at all costs.

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    The paddy which is grown in Telangana state is not up to the mark of quality many people will not buy those. This time the paddy crop yielded in Telangana state is high but without the quality, they produce thus no one is ready to buy.
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