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    Do you know all these scary facts about this liquid chemical?

    It was 1997. A 14-year old boy presented his science fair project about a liquid chemical and demanded to ban the liquid. The boy was Nathan Zohner. The chemical was dihydrogen monoxide.

    The boy, Zohner, explained with scientific evidence that the liquid chemical:

    1. can cause severe burns while it is in gas form;
    2. corrodes and rusts different metals;
    3. kills countless people annually all over the world;
    4. is commonly found in tumors, acid rains, etc.; and
    5. causes excessive urination and bloating if consumed in a higher quantity.

    In view of above, Zohner demanded ban of this liquid. Forty-three out of the fifty students present in the science fair supported his demand.

    Members of ISC! Do you also support banning this chemical?
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    Dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) is a chemical that is used in many industries like industrial solvents and coolants, nuclear power plants, production of styrofoam, fire retardants, specific junk foods etc. It is also known by the name hydroxyl acid. Exposure to it either by skin or consumption is harmful to health and many deaths are reported by it, especially in the US. From the industrial waste it gets into rivers, streams, oceans etc and then human beings come into its contact. We have heard about acid rain in which this acid is one of the components of that type of rain.
    There are many chemicals used in the chemical and fertilizer industries which are harmful to humans in so many respects. Sometimes the Govt in the concerned country bans them also. Though there are strict regulations for use of these items and their limits to be discharged as effluent disposal, in practice more amount is discharged which becomes a big hazard for mankind. There is a strong agitation going on in the US toward banning this chemical but so far nothing has been done.
    This acid is known as the invisible killer and I hope that it would be banned soon in the US followed by other countries.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am totally against banning the liquid chemical, Dihydrogen monoxide.
    The alternate solution to the points mentioned by the author are given below.

    1. We should be careful and not to touch the liquid chemical while it is in gaseous form; We should not ban it because the chemical in gaseous form is also used in many advantageous manners like for rotating turbines, in some engines, etc.
    2. It can be softened to some extent so that it will not corrode the metals
    3. If it is purified properly, none will get killed. Though sometimes, deaths cannot be avoided due to the chemical overflow, if proper precautions are taken, deaths can be avoided.
    4. It is also present throughout the body and normal rains, etc.; and
    5. It should be consumed within limits so that excessive urination and bloating can be avoided.

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    By the very many thanks to Nathan Zohner for finding a scary chemical that is bad to the human health and that needs to be banned immediately. I am not a chemical expert and there seems to be overall support for the boy as 43 out of 50 students supported his move to ban the chemicals. By the way some chemicals are harmful to human being and still we use the same. For example the carbide powder is being used to ripen the raw fruits and that may be mangoes, Papaya and other fruits which has the long gestation period to get ripen. Likewise some chemicals are used to bring in more yield per acre in agriculture field and we are not aware that how far such chemicals would have long lasting effect on our health. Even the refining of cooking oil goes through the chemical process and we actually loose many vitamins in that case.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dihydrogen monoxide. Water is also the same combination of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. H2O. Let us not get confused with this H2O and DHMO. There is no life if there is no H2O on this earth.
    Dihydrogen monoxide is H2O that can exist in all three phases of matter that is solid, liquid and gas. Whereas water is the term to mention the liquid state of H2O. The solid state of H2O is called ice and the gas state is called steam. In H2O in addition to the covalent bond between H and O, we see Hydrogen bonds between H and H also. In DHMO there is no mention of a Hydrogen bond and the most active part of this chemical is hydroxyl radical. This chemical can mutate DNA, and denture proteins and disrupt cell membranes.
    Even though there are many industrial uses for this DHMO, accidental ingestion of this gas will cause death and many people are losing their lives across the globe due to this chemical. Many are recommending banning this chemical.

    always confident

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