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    You cannot know a person unless you are close to him!

    Just seeing a person and having a formal talk with him will not help us in knowing about that person. This would only give us some superficial clues about him and his nature. It is only when we enter into relationships with him like friendship or some business relations or even some social relations then we start transacting with him and also exchange views and ideas with each other. That is the stage at which we start to learn about his real nature, habits, and other characteristics. It often so happens that after getting so much insight we might not like him and start thinking not to go ahead in that relationship and make a stoppage at that juncture only. Have you ever come across such a situation in your life? Do you think that we learn about a person only when we come in close contact? Please give your views on this.
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    Many people have an idea about people to understand them only by seeing their faces. In fact, it is a misconception. It is a far cry from seeing that it is not possible to recognize the difficult animals of the world even after years. I don't think it will be possible to know people even if they have been together all their lives. Because another person is hiding inside one person. The more people you mix with, the more people will think that there are different faces. But remember that the person who cooperates in good deeds and forbids evil deeds is the real person. But our life is such that through faith, disbelief, love, enmity, etc., we have to constantly walk with all of them. That is life
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    The important thing is what we really want to know about the person. For example, meeting a co-passenger and engaging in a chat will be for a specific time and the talks will be on some issues. Nobody is sure of meeting again unless the talk matures to a level where the contact details will be exchanged for further communication. We start to know more about the person when we find there is a common interest and wish to go deeper. Unless there is a continuous exchange of ideas on various aspects it will not be possible to know the person. After knowing the nature of the person if it is found that the relationship will take a toll on our mental well-being then it is always advisable to discontinue the relationship. Discontinuing the relationship may not necessarily mean stopping every kind of verbal communication but limiting it to a great extent. It may be limited to the exchange of pleasantries while meeting.

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    There is a saying in our community that travel with a person for some days, you would know him fully. May be for this reason even before marriage the boy and girl are made to meet other so that they could understand more about them and if it suites, they would engage and get married otherwise they would remain friends. Knowing a person is more important and that would give wholesome knowledge about him or her. Some are good at talking, some are good at eating, some are good at spending and some are good at shopping. So by moving closely one would have the broader idea of a person, his mentality and behavior in full/ And those who keep the money transactions in full transparency are those most liked these days and when people have dodging mentality the relations also gets soared.
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    That is true. Just interacting once or twice will never give any clue to understanding the other person well and closely. To know about the real nature of a person who should move closely with him for some time. You will be meeting many people in different places with different connections. Our main focus will be on completing our work with him. We never concentrate on observing him and knowing him.
    When we have sufficient time and interest to spend some time with a person only we will observe him closely and try to know about him in detail through known contacts. Sometimes we can understand the mentality of the other person by asking him some questions. The actual nature of the person will be known when you go and ask him to get a favour from him.
    It is very tough to understand the real inner man of a person we meet. Many times chances will be there to get deceived.

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    I think we've had this topic for discussion earlier. If I recall correctly, at that time I had mentioned that even when we are close to somebody, it is possible that we do not really know the person fully. We've read reports of neighbours or relatives, for example, who thought that they knew XYZ very well being extremely shocked to know that the person is a fraudster and duped a lot of people.
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    It is difficult to understand a person, we can't judge an individual just by talking to him or her a couple of times. One we think is gentle, honest and sincere, could turn otherwise and disappoint you for relying on such a person. The face of a person can deceive you and you can't be sure about anyone's sincerity. So, let's not rely on or believe blindly in anyone who could later disappoint you through his efforts. Always try to weigh a person's mentality and intentions to minimise the risk of getting received.

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    I remember having read sometime in the past that at least 5 years interaction is required for knowing a person fully. The reason for such a long period was to know the person in different situations and circumstances.

    Perhaps nowadays such a long duration is not required because much information can be known through social media profiles also.

    The main requirement of knowing a person fully is for match making. The boys and girls interact for quite sometime to know each other before taking final decision about marrying.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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