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    In order to re-mind ourselves we have to remind ourselves

    We have enough potentials within us and unfortunately we are not exploring the same beyond certain limits and feel that our capacity to think further is over. Just imagine when we are making our activities into habits, that means how much deep we might have gone into the issue and sorted it out to be regular habit. What we need is the attention. If attention is centered and specific then we are reminding ourselves to re-mind the things. If our goal is consistent, we are training our mind again and again to make it worthwhile in achieving the target.
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    The title is attractive. But what is the difference between remind and re-mind, I am not able to understand. Probably some learned members may explain or the author may enrich me with the difference.
    Coming to the subject, we may not be able to understand our full potential unless otherwise we concentrate and focus on our task. But we can't focus on a particular work unless otherwise, we have an interest in it. This interest only will make us do the work very efficiently. How to get that interest will depend on the mindset of the individual

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    Intelligence is the only resource in the world of competition. In the midst of hundreds of obstacles, he has to take his place in the front row. Otherwise, you will be left behind, no one will come to pull you. Because the meeting is busy establishing itself. But intelligence is not the same for everyone! What will happen then? It has to be sharpened. Carpenters make beautiful furniture from such trees. You have to prepare your brain for all kinds of adverse situations. One can also make oneself fit by learning from one's own deeds. We all know "Practice Make A Man Perfect". So if you keep the goal and focus only on it, success will come.
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    If the author means to say that a man should not forget a commitment for which had intense feelings to outperform and not reminding ourselves of such we might miss to achieve that important target. Now coming to this line, it happens quite often with us.Say in a group of executives within the organisation, the boss is interested to promote the product within the customer circles who have been invited to know the inherent qualities of our products and if he has assigned this task especially to me to impress the interested customers to buy our products and in that mission, I have covered all the salient aspects of the produced products from our factories convincingly, it could have been the success story for the organisation for painstaking efforts. We should not forget such an important task, rather enter the same in our diaries regarding the place, date and other related informations in our diary so that we may not miss that important event.

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    Dr Rao has already posted the doubt and I am repeating the same. What does re-mind mean? Does it in fact mean anything? Did the author mean to say resetting the mind? I have opted to seek clarification from the author instead of correcting the word since he had been reminded on some earlier occasions too regarding his adventures in the quest for creating rhythmic titles. And, I don't think even the title (?) and the content is logically connected. Mohan, please clarify.

    {Note- No offence meant in making this public observation}

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