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    If your child does not make eye contact, then you are not liked

    Be it small child infant or the grown up child, the eye contact with the mother or others would convey you the lot and the amount of satisfaction, trust and faith in others would also reveal with the cozyness attitude of the child. Small children may not express displeasure openly, but they can always refuse a person by diverting their eye contact to something else and that is the indication that the child no more like him or her. For that matter eye contact even in adult has become the inclusive acceptance of the relations.
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    When somebody is talking to us, if we are not looking at the person who is speaking the speaker thinks that we have no interest in hearing him or we have no respect for him. At the same that is a way for the person hearing, his dissatisfaction with the issue that is being dealt with or the way it is being dealt with. When you are telling something to your assistant and he is looking at some other place and not giving enough attention means he is not happy. These are very well known facts and many times we also follow this during discussions.
    This is true in the case of even children also. If a child is not liking the things we are asking them to do, he/she may not attentive, we should understand that that kid may not perform the task well. So we have to change our way of expression and see that he/she will get interested in the task. WIthout interest when we perform the job, the result will never be as expected and up to the mark.

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    The author is perfectly right. The children normally inclined to those who amicable with them. Many psycho doctors are stressing parents to have a good eye contact with their children. Here the eye contact means not watching as watch and ward but a free talk and the should be in a position of approachable. Many children are hesitate or having fear to access father or/and mother. A boy of my relative, who is school final student,was talking with me in a marriage function. Suddenly he told me,'principal is coming'. I thought his higher secondary school principal but he showed his father. I understood that his father is acting as a principal to him.

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    Child psychology is very difficult to understand. They have a tender mind and they are very sentimental and emotional and will get hurt even on small things felt by them. It is natural that children will be doing mischiefs of all kinds. Parents will definitely bang them for that and sometimes give them some lessons also. Children take these things as offence to them. Some of them might cry also while some others will keep a sad and serious face. This is the time when some of them will not see directly into the eyes of their parents. It is necessary that parents should take note of these situations and accordingly modify their behaviour with children. We have to treat the children in such a way that they should get the message but at the same time they should not get hurt.
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