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    Happiness puts a limit on your unlimited desire for success?

    The feeling of success is sincere, not external. Success is a blessing that required motivation, ambition, desire, and continuous hard work. So we all ran to get these in life. The key to success is to get what you want. Since there is no end to the demands, the effort to climb the stairs continues. Happiness on the other hand is to limit yourself to what you get. So many people give up the fight for life out of a sense of happiness. Is it not true, then, that in the pursuit of unlimited desires, happiness limited us to some extent? Share your comments.
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    Happiness and success are altogether different subjects. While happiness can be seen and felt on small moments in life, the success need to be achieved through great planning and sustained performance. The desires are no doubt unlimited because the wants are unlimited but we must prioritize such wants which are most desirable and thus work towards the success of it. For example getting married is the most desirable want and one must certainly strive for having a better partner in life and not just a partner. We are alone responsible for our decisions and thus we should not waste time on unnecessary unlimited wants, instead concentrate on those wants which are easy and acceptable to all and thus make the life inside the comfort zone. When we think too much about unlimited desires, we may even end up losing the success already in hand.
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    When you are successful in a task you will be happy. But that happiness may not be permanent. After a while, we will think about another task and in planning the root map for that task we will forget the happiness of the previous success and start worrying about the new task. This is a cycle of task, success, happiness. task. If you are not successful you may be unhappy and this feeling also will go with you replan the task by rectifying the mistakes committed by you in the previous attempt.
    Sometimes the happiness we get from our success may make us greedy and we start planning for more and more successes in life. That may increase our desires also. So all depends on the mindset of the individual. Some people may be satisfied with what they got and some may not get satisfied so easily.

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    This is an interesting observation by the author. In my view, contentment and satisfaction which one obtains with little success can sometimes create hindrance in desiring and dreaming for more successes in one's life. Ambitious people never get satisfied with what they achieve. They aspire for more and more. On the other hand, happiness is a state of mind and it is not a continuous mode as it is affected by so many factors in our lives. A stress-free person is generally happier than others. Happiness is not much linked with more or less success in life. It is a temporary phase that comes and goes. Our aspirations and ambitions are related to achievements and those who do not have strong ambitions would get satisfied easily and in that process miss the path of outstanding success.
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    This is an interesting observation by the author. Happiness and success are the two different identities but sometimes these are interrelated. Once a task is completed with a grand success, happiness would set in your mind. More is the achievements of the tasks, more pleasure is attainable. However the same cannot be amalgamated always. Even the failures can witness happiness if they can go to any past event which can create happiness. Hence we can conclude that happiness is associated with the state of mind giving you happiness or otherwise.

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    An interesting topic for discussion. I think that in truth, happiness and success are quite different in their meaning and at the same time can be very similar. For example, if you have achieved success, that is, completed the task, you will certainly be happy. But many have goals for life, which will bring him happiness, which is achieved through the success and success of your tasks.

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    Why happiness is going to put a limit on success? Unlimited desire and success are also different things. If one has unlimited desire then the person will neither be happy nor will be able to cherish the success. One line mentioned in the thread is what makes the situation complex for all those who try to follow it. The line is 'Happiness on the other hand is to limit yourself to what you get'. I am unable to understand why you think happiness puts a limit on what you want. When you want happiness all the time it neither can put a limit to something nor is limited to a boundary. Unless you are happy and content you cannot expand your thought process. Unlimited desire and greed can be equated as they will not help you remain peaceful within nor you will let others live happily. Because of this unlimited desire or greed, Russia attacked Ukraine. By doing this neither Mr Putin is happy nor the world is happy with him. Happiness cannot be thought of as a commodity but many of our desires or success has some commodities attached to them. That's what creates the situation complex.

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    In response to #755494
    To understand this, it is important to consider the difference between the words happiness and peace. As you walk along the Dargah Road from Parkcircus More in Kolkata, you will see a few families living on the side of the road with black plastic tugs. Take a look at them for ten minutes, they are very happy, I will tell them that they are happy with what they got, even though they had many desires in their life, this temporary happiness is holding them back for the time being. But they did not get the desired happiness and peace. If Putin gets some of what he wants, the same thing will happen if he is forced to end the war with a momentary feeling of happiness. So temporary happiness keeps many at the boundary or else many stay within the boundaries for some happiness.

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    In my view, there is no connection between success and happiness. We have seen in many cases where people have chosen undesirable steps even though they are highly successful. I agree that for livelihood, we need basic requirements. And for happiness, we require basic needs as well as our lookout towards people, nature and things.
    How could we get happiness when we are not aware and mindful of our life journey. If we think, we will get happiness when we achieve our goal, then what about the journey between planning to achievement, where we are just striving for success.
    In my opinion, happiness is not at that point where we achieve the goal, it is in the process of it. We should opt playful approach in each process and project, If we appreciate small things happening or available in our life, we enjoy nature, we will sleep better and get success even in less time span. Be happy and mindful, success will automatically follow you.

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    There is no limit to the progress or success one can achieve. That is why sometimes we come across the stories of people achieving something unprecedented.

    The hollow people become happy at the slightest achievement. They don't know that whatever they have achieved is only a drop in an ocean. It is true that in case people stop working hard with due focus and determination on becoming happy even by scaling the first step on the ladder of success, they will cease to scale the next step on the ladder of success.

    After tasting the blood of success, people continue to work incessantly without finding time to celebrate or boast about their achievements. However, on the other hand, it is said that people should always remain happy irrespective of their success or otherwise.

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    One has to toil hard to achieve unlimited success. The ultimate goal for success is to derive happiness, In the intervening time between birth and death, it is not just the work and success, there is a life to live. Unless one lives life to his or her satisfaction, there is no point in achieving the so-called unlimited success. You may work for years and years to achieve success. You may want to have fun and live your life when you achieve success. In the quest for unlimited success, you forgo the fun of life. When you realize, it will be late and you are nearer to the grave. Enjoy life when you are in the pink of health. The years go by as you are busy trying to become successful. Try to enjoy life and feel the happiness before it is too late.
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    Success is a journey. To continue on the path of success gives happiness. Reaching a goal and not proceeding to another goal can destroy one's zeal and enthusiasm and may be the end to happiness..
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    Dhruba #755543, I am still unable to understand the difference from your response as you have tried to compare something with the condition of families staying at a particular stretch in the city. If those families are happy with whatever they get why you are saying again that their happiness is temporary? I think more clarity is required here, maybe in a different post sometime later.

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    The author is correct. Happiness is not in outside as it is inside us. Today i am travelling in a train and saw a father took his three children at his house entrance, near the railway station by showing the train and passengers. He made them happy and to laugh by waving their hands to unknown passengers. It is a good practice in parents to encourage their children to laugh and enjoy instead of making them moody through their moody look.

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