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    If you cannot guarantee your life, please don't do this favor for others too.

    Are you sure that what you have planned today will be the same after a year? Or, do you know what will happen tomorrow or even what will happen in the next moment? Maybe you have planned to watch a movie today and be free from all work, you are sitting on the sofa with a remote, someone rang the bell at the door and a guest is there- Surprise. There are many such coincidences when we have planned something and something else happened. So when we cannot take a guarantee for our own life, then what basis do we keep making meaningless predictions about others. Shouldn't we stop ourselves from doing this, giving advice is a different thing but giving a completely false guarantee to someone that your life will be like this is the wrong way. Life is too unpredictable, and this is true.
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    True. There is no way we can give surety for anyone in any issue. You don't know what is going to happen in the next moment. But a human being will have some hope always. With that hope only we are doing many things. We ask people to save for their future. But we don't how he will be in the coming time. With positive thinking and hope only we can survive. Otherwise, we can't do anything except wait for the last breath.
    When you are not well, you go to a doctor. He may suggest a treatment but we can't question him if the course has not given you the expected results. In the same way, we can ask for suggestions from others or we may give others some suggestions. We are not assuring anything by giving suggestions. It is the individual who has decided and goes forward accordingly.

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    What is happening and what is going to happen in future are not in our hands but certainly we can predict the happening before hand and that is called the expertise in the field. We are not the God's to beforehand predict the things and plan accordingly. The greatest take in our life is that everything happens unexpected and that is also called fate. A person was adjusting his shoes lace just in front of a big gate of a construction site and suddenly the gate was opened to out side and the big gate slammed this person and fell apart injuring badly. Now who is at fault. Is the person who is adjusting the lace or the security guard who opened the door without warning and the gate came hitting the person. This type of freak accidents happen to which one is not aware of it and thus life is very unrealistic and no guarantee for sure.
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    This is a thought-provoking post by the author. It is very true that the future is uncertain and literally telling the next moment in our lives is not known to us with certainty. The concept of fate and destiny is derived from these premises only. So far there are no methods to predict our future as there are innumerable permutations and combinations that can happen in our lives resulting in a particular situation. Some people claim that they can foresee in future and predict it but there is no logic and rationality in that assumption. Future is a dark arena where nothing can be perceived unless the light of the time penetrates it. But by that time it becomes our present. Any prediction by anyone regarding one's own life or someone else's life is not to be believed because that is simply conjectural in nature rather than based on some robust scientific calculations. It is obvious that predicting someone's life and future is almost an impossible task and we have to take it in that way only.
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