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    Why a few men feel shy in admitting that they know cooking as well?

    I know cooking and am proud of this expertise. I can cook almost anything generally cooked in the kitchens of my region and a few in other regions too. Nowadays, it has become even easier due to the availability of cooking videos on YouTube and other internet resources.

    However, one of my relatives feels proud in announcing that he doesn't know cooking and cannot even prepare tea. I think either he lies or has a very low IQ as preparing tea is not rocket science.

    What are the observations of fellow ISCians on this point? Should men feel proud of their culinary expertise or feel shy in admitting so?
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    Well I do not claim to be a professional cooking person, but certainly knows daily menus to be prepared for four members of house and I feel that this is enough to pull on the life in the absence of home maker at the house. In these days when the girl going to get married is clearly admitting that she does not know cooking, there is nothing wrong for the men to admit that they do not know kitchen works nor cooking. Cooking can be made known when there would be close observations as to what is mixed with what and how much and if this is known, the cooking would be on testing first and then slowly expertise can be assured as improvisation do takes place by adding or deleting ingredients which are not required. So cooking is the art of satisfying the taste buds of others and those who cook well are always admired for sure.
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    Normally if we have no house or no food in house we opt hotel or mess. Similarly if house ladies either mother or wife or sisters cooking in the house no gents will enter kitchen. Moreover no real woman allow gents into kitchen when they are alright. Almost all persons can cook but the taste/formulae differs. The title itself says ' a few', so only minimum persons do not know cooking or hesitate to declare open. Above all when a house lady offer a good food why should a gent took ladle in hand.

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    Cooking is an art. Old people say there are 64 arts in that cooking is also there. As we have an old saying that too many chefs spoil the food.As I know cooking. I will try different recipes by seeing youtube and other cooking programs on Television.
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    Why should we feel shy to say that we know cooking? There is no point. Sometimes I feel sorry I am not an expert cook.
    After my M.Sc, when I joined for my PhD, myself and my cousin used to stay in a room and we used to cook food. That is how my cooking experience started. We used to make almost all curries, dal, sambar and rice. I could not make sweets and special items. After marriage occasionally 3or 4 days in a month I was cooking food for my family. I even used to give lunch boxes to my two sons when they were going to school.
    I like cooking but due to my office work and busy schedule, I am not able to spend sufficient time in the kitchen. Now I am not practising cooking that much. But my sons cook at least one or two times a week.

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    Why should we shy in admitting the fact that we are equally proficient in cooking and we use show this talent in case emergency arises. I do recall up my unemployment days when I was struggling for money due to late receipts of money from my parents apart from the fact that I did not want to trouble them for money. Attending hotels all the time for my lunches and dinners would have been a costly affair and thinking in that way, I decided to devote some time to cooking. Initially, it was not a smooth process for me but later with a little practice, preparation of vegetables and non vegetarian items was as good as others proficient in the art of cooking. Rolling of Rotis did not match the design of the perfect circle but it was well prepared for its consumption. Later, I overcame the initial hurdles while preparing Rotis. With the time, I developed the passion for this art. Thanks to my wife, now I can cook varieties of items whenever the situation demands. It is an essential component of our daily activities and by being familiar with this activities, we will have our own satisfaction.

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    Traditionally in our society women are supposed to take charge of the kitchen and prepare food for the family. Men only earned their livelihood and looked after the expenses for various things like education of the children, property acquisition, expenses for functions etc. Cooking was never a main activity of the men in the family except as a hobby. In modern times these equations are changing and as some women are also earning the kitchen jobs have to be shared between the family members or by engaging the servants. So many men have learnt the cooking and take it as a normal thing. Still, some people feel shy in mentioning it as it was earlier the domain of the women only. I think there is nothing to feel shy about it and we should come out of that mindset.
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