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    Do you like visiting academic institutions or the temples of learning?

    I like visiting the campuses of famous and renowned academic institutions. During my student days, my family was not in a position to afford the cost of my education in the premier institutions not only abroad but even within India as it involved the cost of living expenses also.

    Therefore, now when I am in a position to afford the travelling cost, I make it a point to visit premier academic institutions as a visitor to breathe the air of such campuses. So far, I have visited the campuses of IIT, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kanpur and the campuses of Stanford University, Harvard University, MIT, University of Berkeley etc. to name a few.

    Do you also like to visit the campuses of academic institutions or the temples of learning?
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    Normally no one find the reason to visit any academic institution just for the fun or sight seeing unless and until there is something unique to learn from the place. While going to and from on office work I do cross across the majestic Osmania University building which is now more than 400 years old and the strong rock building still resembles new and that gives enough indication that the arts college building is more than a temple for us because many students were churned out as the great citizens of the country and every year the meet of alumni would testify the reason that those who have passed out from this great college would never forget the ambience and friends of those days and certainly recall their best moments. And Arts college is always the center of students action and new Telangana got formed from here.
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    Recently I visited MS University at Vadodara twice. I am highly impressed by the educational standard maintained by the faculty members, schools, departments in truly majestic palaces, sprawling lawns, different types of valuable trees, gardens, hostels, central library, guest house and of course different types of subsidized canteens.
    I like the entire university campus. No doubt it is the best university in Gujarat and one of the top-level universities in India.

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    Our world is so beautiful, all the wonderful signs of the Creator are scattered all over. Her usual life is out of place, so we want to get out of the meeting when we have a little break. Where all this is left and the beauty of pure nature is waiting for everyone. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, seas, ancient traditions, green forests. I think there will be very few people who will leave them and go around looking for educational institutions. Yet he deserves praise for the way the writer expresses his emotional language here regarding his wishes.
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    As told there are seldom people visiting educational institutions casually without any purpose. But my cousin brother took his son, who is studying in collage of Coimbatore, to the school, college where he studied. He met the present HM/Principal and with his permission he took his son inside the institutions and especially to the class rooms he sat. The teacher aided him got astonishing and appreciated my brother. Really a father should do this.

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    I also have a fancy to visit university campuses. I never leave a chance to visit a campus. Luckily I have spent almost 6 years on the Andhra University campus and I love that university. Whenever I go to Visakhapatnam, I visit the campus without fail. One year back I went to Visakapatnam. I went to the Chemistry Department of Andhra University with my granddaughter who is just 3 years old and showed her the class where I studied for my M.Sc.
    I have been to IIT, Delhi, IIT. Mumbai. IIT. Hyderabad. NIT Warangal. Osmania University, Hyderabad, GITAM. Bangalore and Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. Karnataka. I was a recognised guide for PhD students at Gulbarga University and I was a guest faculty there. 5 Students obtained their PhD degrees under my guidance as a co-guide for their PhD. I have many visits to this university. I have no opportunity of visiting any foreign University even though I attended some seminars and workshops abroad.

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    During my young age, I had a fancy for visiting the educational institutions mainly for their rich libraries where we would find a good collection of books. At that time there was no internet facility available and we had to make notes from the books for the topics or ideas that we wanted to take from those books. This continued for some time but after the advent of the internet, I stopped that practice as everything was available online, especially the educational resources.
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    Till now, I have visited various campuses mainly in India and very few in foreign countries.

    In India, the campuses of IIT Delhi, IIM Joka (Kolkata) and MS University, Vadodara are my favourites.

    In foreign countries, I was spellbound by the beauty of Cambridge University campus.

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