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    Would Babasaheb Ahmedkar have been happy if he was alive today?

    First of all congratulations to all on the happy birthday of this great personality Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. He has worked all his life for the empowerment of Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Classes, Beggars, Nomads, educationally and economically Backward Classes, and Financially Poor Classes. The Constitution of India has been drafted and provision has been made for the protection of this weaker section. As a result, the caste system has improved a lot in the country today. Many oppressed people have found a place in the list of blessed names of society today. They are improving today. He must have been proud to see the implementation status if alive today. What do you think?
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    No doubt there was considerable improvement in the lives of backward classes and downtrodden and their standard of living has been improved. Even in the slum colonies we can see multistoried buildings with chandelier lights, big cars standing in from of multiple buildings and shops and the children are nicely dressed and they cannot be adjudged that they belong to backward class. Surely Dr Ambedkar would be more happy to see such a revolution in the lives of people who were initially expecting reservations and sops for 10 years after independence, but the reach out has been made permanent and therefore the standard of living of many poor has raised and they maintain good contacts with other opulent class of the society. And those who truly deserve the hype are being neglected in the melee and there must be rethinking.
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    There was considerable improvement in the lives of people belonging to Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and the downtrodden people irrespective of the castes. He even sacrificed his life for the welfare of those people. Such efforts has not gone in vain but overall improvement was noticed in their life styles. He worked hard to provide them right education and better health with the provision of such facilities. There was the miraculous change in their life - styles and now we can see many youths holding high positions in the societies due to the consistent efforts of these people. It is because of the generous efforts of this gentleman.
    Had Ambedkar been alive, he would have been more happier to see that his dream has been fruitful transforming the lives of these unprivileged people.

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    Certainty not. The people like them did their service to the nation for National interest but not on their own.

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    He will not be happy definitely. The aim of giving reservations is to see that people of all castes and religions will come up equally and the gap between poor and rich will come down. But nothing such sort happened and the gap increased. Now a section of the downtrodden people only got benefitted. So this has increased the gap between the rich and the poor in the same caste widened.
    He will feel sorry definitely if he sees the way our present political leaders are working and how they are taking the advantage of these reservations. He might not have seen the politicians who are like the present-day politicians during his days. He might have seen hardly one or two self-centred politicians those days. But today minimum of 98% if not 100% of politicians are having their selfish goals and they work to achieve them only.

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    This is a hypothetical question but the answer is in the affirmative. The simple reason is that the person who did so much base work for the benefit of the downtrodden and poor especially because of the caste system would definitely be happy to see so many schemes and reservations for their welfare. For the last 74 years, there had been so many schemes for the welfare of the people belonging to the lower caste as well as poor strata. It is also to be noted that whenever there is a scheme for the benefit of the poor then the implementation might not be as planned and there might be some deficiencies in the implementation and getting the benefits to the really needy people. This happens basically due to the corruption and inefficiency in the machinery and if we are able to contain that then probably we would be more successful in this endeavour.
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