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    How would your day be today?

    Many people read horoscope details every day. Some love to see predictions of their own and their own personal zodiac sign. We see the horoscope judgment of famous Astrologers in various newspapers, digital media, and TV channels. Astrology is now a thriving business. But in judging the horoscope, certain common lines can be noticed, such as: -
    Improving work through interruptions and delays, Solving works problems in discussion with colleagues, Progress in work for a liberal mindset, Good if you can keep unpleasant truths out, Success in new plans with a lot of hard work, Sorrow in self-loathing with elders, Keep a closed eye on your child's mood, The work plan can be disrupted due to any physical problem, etc.
    My point is, are these predictions horoscopes or old conventional doctrines or proverbs? What do you think?
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    Though our day would have its own path and does not interfere with our works, the success and failure do matter to us to which we are not aware of the truth beforehand and predictions of astrology are true provided you know your date of birth, time and place and those who criticise the astrology for one reason because they failed to get right predictions because their time of birth is not noted rightly and thus they get conflicting ideas whether to believe or not to believe. Today Guru transformation has taken place in the early hours of the morning and that would stay for one year 10 days and many good things are going to happen to Stars as per the place of the Guru in their lagna and it may be very good for some, it may be stupendous success for some. it may be average for some and for few it may be negative.
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    These are all not accurate predictions. There are 12 types of Zodiacs. The whole population is divided into 12 groups. That so many crores of people will be there in each Zodiac. It is not that all of them will have a similar day. So it is not correct to believe them. During my earlier days, I used to read these predictions in print media. After a gap of a few days, the old predictions used to reappear. So These are just written based on the general position of the grahas. If you want an accurate prediction, we should go to a good astrologer with time, date and place of birth and he will do the required calculations and may tell you the predictions and chances are more in this case for the predictions to be accurate.
    The accuracy of the predictions will more depend on the accuracy of the time of birth. Anything wrong at the time of birth, chances of predictions going wrong will be more.

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    It seems, the author reads the daily predictions minutely but is confused about whether these are true or not. Let me give you an example to make it a bit clear. You went to an astrologer and the astrologer predicts a lot of things according to your chart giving the timeline of all such predictions. If you are satisfied with those predictions are you going to look into the daily predictions on various platforms? If you do this either you are not satisfied with the predictions or you are trying to validate those predictions. The point is what are you going to do by knowing how your day will be if you are not aware of any remedies for unfavourable situations? If it is mentioned 'Success in new plans with a lot of hard work' as described in the thread it is not something new. If it is 'Solving works problems in discussion with colleagues' then also it is something quite natural. Many of the predictive suggestions mentioned in the thread are what we generally receive from seniors and experts and I didn't find anything special in them. Whether you look into those daily predictions or not you need to keep all such suggestions in your mind all the time.

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    Anything which is predictive in nature and does not have a robust scientific background to support it, is of dubious nature. Horoscope prediction is also one such thing that falls under this category. Whenever we predict about anything based on horoscope or lines in our palm or any other methodology, there will be a lot of uncertainties. The person who is making these predictions has to take care of all these uncertainties and then frame and phrase his predictions in such a cryptic way that the reader does not get any concrete thing from it except some superficial idea about the coming future events. Definitely horoscope prediction is an art. The person who is making predictions has to use a language which should have some double meaning as well as some hidden meaning so that the reader is carried away with that. Anyway, whatever analysis we do about this, there are a large number of people who are following the horoscope predictions.
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    I see many people believe in predictions of astrologer and they take their suggestions seriously. I am not one of them who rely on Astrology. I firmly believe how your day will go none can predict. I think when a person consults Astrology he gets some positive things which psychologically give him new spirit and hope to make his day beautiful.

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