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    We can get involved in the fight to save nature

    Nature and the environment are facing a crisis today. This crisis is not of any particular group, country, or nation, against the whole human race. The endangered environment is due to various natural and man-made activities. Nature is constantly being destroyed due to the pressure of the growing population and the unbridled pollution of human beings. Natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, wildfires, tsunamis, floods, droughts, etc. are increasing in the world due to the impact of environmental disasters. In many cases, millions of trees have to be cut down for urbanization. We want a pollution-free environment in order to build a world suitable for humans and other living creatures. I think tree planting and public awareness are very useful. In any moment of crisis, the youth community has come forward first. And in this case, only the youth community can play a leading role with responsibility. For example, Green Mission in Bombay is asking to send dried mango seeds after eating mangoes at their address, Sea View, Plot 6, Charkop Sector 8, Kandivali West, Mumbai-400067. They are making seedlings from seeds and distributing them all over the country for free. We too can take part in this great work along with tree plantation in the local area.
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    A good call from the author. All should get involved in plantations. A king was going on his horse through the roads of his kingdom. He saw an old man who was planting a tree. He stopped the horse and asked the old man why he was planting the tree. The old man replied that he enjoyed the fruits of the trees that were planted by his forefathers. So the fruits of the trees planted by him should be useful for his grandchildren. So there is no restriction on age to plant a tree. People of all ages can go to plantations.
    More and more trees are required today to save this mother earth from pollution. So we all should think of planting trees and we can plant as many as possible. For the first birthday of our granddaughter, we have gifted saplings to the visitors. After two years when we visited a house, they have shown me the plant that we have given at that time and we are very happy to see that plant growing.

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    The author shared a good information and surely those who had tasted the mangoes this season would certainly send the dried mango seeds to the Green Mission. But we are very happy with our state govt that every year crores and crores of plants are being sown at the road meridians, road sides, colonies and open lands. So if one goes through the air across Telangana only trees would be seen and no lands, that is the progress of green initiatives from the govt. Even on birthdays instead of spending on cakes and parties, let the person plant trees at least in his house vicinity so that it would become big tree for the shade, and oxygen for sure. If everyone plants at least two trees on his birthday, just imagine the amount of greenery we generate and the fight to save nature would be the great example from our side for sure.
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    Nature has provided us with all the facilities for our survival but we have not cared for nature the way we should have. There had been mindless deforestation, depletion of water reserves, drying up of rivers, hazardous chemical wastes being discharged into rivers and oceans etc. Human beings are responsible for this degradation of nature. In the rapid industrial growth and progress in the scientific world, the environment has been totally neglected and deteriorated in the process. Now some agencies especially in the NGO category are coming forward to save and revitalize the nature and environment to put it back to its old glory but a lot of work is to be carried out in this area. If we do not make efforts to keep our environment clean and devoid of chemical hazards then we would suffer and the human race will one day extinct from this beautiful planet. We all have to contribute our bit to revitalise the environment so that we can survive on this planet for a long time.
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