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    One should be resilient always

    Human life is very unpredictable. At this moment we will be happy. But the next moment maybe something different. We will be full of enthusiasm when we hear news of success or some positive news. At the same time when we face some setbacks, we will get into distress. Some people easily come out of their distress and cope with life. But some may not come out of it easily. Such people will have the risk of failing again and again. Unnecessarily being in distress will never help the individual to bring back his life onto the rails. One should come out of that situation quickly as possible and see ways and means for getting normal in their lives.

    We should be resilient always. Resilience may not make the problem go away but will give the individual the ability to face the situation and come out of the situation quickly. I think members will be in agreement with me.
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    The courage to face the problems and setbacks need to be trained from the childhood age so that we may not run away from the risk factors and face them with dignity and strength. If we come to know the fact that life is the circle and we tend to meet success and failure in tandem, we may not go into setback zone. That is why when someone laughs lauder and make nasty remarks about others and make fun of it with more laughing they would persuaded not to do because the next moment may be sorrowful and even more challenging and thus one must be cautious. Experience make us more perfect and those who are habituated to problems and setbacks on daily basis, they would take every challenge to their stride and settle the scores to their favor because every problem comes with a solution for sure.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The child learns many positive attributes from his own family including the requisite concentration to carry out any job. If you go on repeating the ways how a particular job can be accomplished every time, it would not be a healthy task. Let them decide the ultimate recourse with their own analytical abilities. In that way, they can apply their brains while doing a job. More they are encouraged to go ahead with their innovative approach, more they would be confident of carrying out multiple jobs with ease.
    The bad culture is easy to be picked up if the parents are blind to their bad habits. May be the children are tempted to copy the behaviours of their friends following bad manners. If a child meets with an accident with his sudden collision of an object causing him to fall on the ground, laughing in that situation will be called bad manner and he must be taught the right manner to be followed in that situation. To sum up, bringing up a child with right manners is the responsibility of the parent and this should not be relaxed.

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    Generally strong, brave, and stout-hearted people are said to be resilient. It is of course a very great quality that a person faces the hardships and setbacks with courage and once the bad situation is over comes back to the original state. So, being resilient is a great quality but in practice, very few people are actually resilient enough to come back to the earlier mindset. Most people get demoralised and demotivated by the failures in their lives and some of them even go into a state of depression. That is a sad situation and it takes considerable time for them to come out of that state to the normal one. One way to become resilient is to develop patience in one's nature and work hard along with good homework so that there are fewer chances of failure and even if there is some hurdle or a setback the person could recover from it in time. Developing resilience in one's character is not an easy thing as it requires a long time of practice and endurance to inculcate that. It is of course true that if we could develop this trait, we would be happier in our lives and stand out even in unfavourable conditions.
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