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    Seeing the world from the eyes of a student

    A student has to acquire educational qualifications and then appear in a competitive exam for higher education or a job. He finds that the competitive environment is very tough and there are a large number of students appearing for various types of exams and it becomes very difficult to get selected for them. This is creating a feeling of disappointment and helplessness in the minds of the students. Our large population is definitely a big reason for this situation but if the Govt does some efforts in creating more jobs for the younger people then probably the situation could improve. The scenario is bleak from the viewpoint of the young generation and some remedial measures are required to be taken immediately. What are your thoughts on this? Please share your views.
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    What the author failed to mention is the fact that among the students the best creme de la creame are the great performers and rankers and surely they are set to grab the attention in the academics and by virtue of it the job openings would come calling. For example when my boy qualified as the chemical engineer , the campus interview was attended by many companies and he being the 97 percent top scorer the companies vied each other to take him and thus he got three offers on hand and was confused to decide upon. However we left the choice to him because he has to plan his future and progress and as parent our involvement restrict up to the studies and later on his decision would be final and abiding. So he chosen the best offer out of three and rejected the two. What implies here that if the students fare well the employments come calling and there is no confusion.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I generally concur with the observations of Mohan Ji. There is no problem for meritorious and truly competent students. But we have to acknowledge the fact that all students cannot be outstanding performers.

    I think the main reason for large scale unemployment is the fact that students are possessing only degrees, not capabilities. With the mushroom growth of coaching institutes and universities/colleges in the private sector, lakhs of students are coming out with 'degrees' seeking mostly government jobs for obvious reasons.

    It is true that because of the caste-based reservation policy in India, equal opportunities are not available for all students but still, the government has taken many steps like opening more and more medical colleges, IITs and IIMs etc to increase the student intake.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    When a student fails to get selected for a post, he may think that he has not fared well in the written test or interview and try to introspect and see where are the flaws and how to rectify them. Such students will have chances for the betterment and they will improve their performance and get selected in the next attempts. But some students think that their selectors are biased and they never see how they can improve their performance and they may not be successful easily.
    Getting a degree may not ensure a job for a student. A student should have some skills that are required for performing his duty if a chance is given. That is why a student should acquire additional skills during his education and that will enhance the chances of the student getting a job.
    Many industries in India suffering from not getting a person who is having skills required for their plants. So the students should select the courses in such a way that they will get the skill set required.

    always confident

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