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    Chitra festival in Madurai

    Every year in the month of April there will be a great festival in Madurai, Tamilnadu, Actually in Madurai every month is a festival month and to the crown the festival in the month of April that is in the Tamil Month of Chitra, a grand festival is celebrated for which there will lakhs of people from all over the country and even foreigners thronged Madurai during this season, Today, 14th April Madurai Queen Meenakshi got married and the marriage of Her is celebrated in a grand level and there are many places free food provided to the public on this day. Today evening Goddess Meenakshi comes in a flowerfull palanquine which is worth seeing.
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    Thanks to author for sharing this wonderful information. Madurai Meenakshi- Sundareswarar temple is very famous for its looks and importance and on the Tamil New year day the grand wedding of Goddess Meenakshi with Sundareswarar is held every year and this celestial wedding is on par with biggest God's wedding being celebrated across the country. It is said that Goddess Meenakshi looks most beautiful in the temple and when the she comes on the Palanquine the beauty is further added with modern additions to her beauty. It is known fact that many from the foreign country would make the beeline to visit and watch the celestial wedding and later the procession in the evening. Gifted are the people of Madurai who has the chance to witness such a wonderful happening every year and they are fully blessed.
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    Thanks to the author for sharing the information. Madhura Meenakshi is a very powerful Goddess and when we visit the temple the idol inside we feel we are somewhere in another world. I visited my family at this temple once and I enjoyed the Darshan.
    I have not visited this temple on this festival day and if any chance comes I feel I should visit this temple on this day. Tamilnadu is very famous for ancient temples and they maintain them very neat and clean. They follow all required protocols and see that the whole atmosphere in the temple is very pious.
    A hall that is having a thousand pillars, a water pond with a golden lotus in which pilgrims will take a ritual bath, a wedding hall, gardens and elephant sheds are there in the temple area worth seeing. There are many small shrines in this area that are being visited by pilgrims regularly.

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