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    What most unusual means of transport you had to resort to ever?

    The most common means of transport are train, aeroplane, bus, car, ship, boat etc. Also, there are bicycles, motorbikes, autorickshaws, trams and animal-drawn carts etc.

    However, sometimes, in unusual circumstances, we have to resort to unusual or uncommon means of transport e.g. once I had to travel on a tractor to cross a muddy and inundated area. Similarly, on another occasion, I had to travel on a speed boat in the high sea to board a ship in connection with my official duties.

    Have you any such interesting memories to share?

    Let us reminisce and share our experiences.
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    Once my close friend invited to his village for the house warming ceremony and being Reddy community, the entire village is dwelling of that sect and the village called Anni Reddy Gudem 20 kms from the Suryapet town. Up to Suryapet its the national highway and to go to this village one has to take the bullock cart ride because there is no proper road and gravel streven all through. That was hell transport because the cart was full of 8 passengers and the bull would move slow wading the stones and there is no shade on the way as Nalgonda district is a drought hit place. And after going to the village we need to take full rest as we were never habituated to bullock cart drive and that was new experience.But the way the bulls are going on its own the driver has taken the siesta was too good to see how the animals got trained.
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    Once I was travelling from Visakhapatnam to my native place. As per my original plan, I have to catch a bus at 10.30 PM and that will reach my native place directly at about 3.30 AM. But due to some unexpected problem, I could not catch that bus. After that, there is no direct bus to my place. At about 11.30 PM I got on a bus which will go up to the nearest town to my native place. That bus reached the town around 3.00 AM. After getting down there, there were no vehicles available to go to my place. Luckily one tractor was going from that place to my place. The driver allowed me to sit by his side of him and I travelled on that tractor and reached my place around 4 AM. That is the only time I travelled on a tractor. A different experience that can't be forgotten.
    Once I started travelling to a village on a bullock cart and in that hot summer all of a sudden there was heavy rain which forced me to stop my journey and go back to my house.

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    Sometimes due to the circumstances, we resort to certain different types of transport modes and at that time we also do not bother with it as some other urgency is dominant in our minds at that point of time. Once it happened to me also. It is the incident that dates back to 1976 when I left a job and had to leave the town for the nearby railway station to take up a train to my new destination where I had to join a company. Some of my friends came to my room to bid me goodbye. One of them who was living in a nearby village had a farm and they had a tractor that they used for agricultural purposes. He brought his tractor and insisted that I sit on that and he would drop me at the railway station. I never travelled on a tractor but as I had only one small bag and attache with me I agreed and he took me with him and it took about half an hour to reach the railway station. It was an unforgettable send-off. That was the first time that I travelled through a very different mode and it is engraved in my memory since then.
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    One time, a function in our family, was fixed in a mall hall. I and my mother went to a wholesale market which located near to that Hall. After shopping of vegetables for a function,we were unable to carry all items to the function hall. My mother told me whether some person available for carrying them to the Hall. A tricycle with open carrier person I saw there I asked him whether some person available to carry the vegetables. He himself suggested that he could get the vegetables delivered at the Hall for the nominal cost. As the rate found okey, we asked him to do so. After a small move, the cart person asked us to sit in the open cart with the vegetables to avoid walking. Initially we hesitated to strain him but on his compulsion we sat in that cart. Though it was strange experience to us, we enjoyed and paid the cart man ten rupees more than the charge discussed before.

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