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    How far you believe it to be true that the marriages are made in heaven?

    It is an old proverb that marriages are made in heaven. It simply means that there is some divine power that ultimately decides who should marry whom and it is outside the control of the people in the marriage.

    However, nowadays there are many matrimony websites that claim to have a vast database rich enough to find a suitable match for anybody. Also, many boys and girls believe that only they can find a suitable match for themselves through their intelligent scrutiny of the profile and traits of the prospective match.

    How far you believe it to be true that the marriages are made in heaven?
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    I firmly believe that the marriages are made in heaven and concluded on the earth through the right approach and right selection according to the satisfaction of both sides. For our elder sister way back in 1977 my father searched for alliance across the Tamil Nadu and got fed up. Fortunately we came across an alliance just two kilometers from our house and everything finished so fast and we all were stunned. So what I mean to state that marriages are pre decided and already been knot has been tied in the heaven, and we only makes overtures to try to make it real. One thing is sure out of 18 perspectives between the bride and groom, at least 8 to 10 should match so that the relations would be longer, understandable and above all they would live with happiness and prosperity for sure with children in good studies.
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    I believe that marriages are fixed in the heaven and it is absolutely correct when we analyse such settlements of different people. According to the predictions of my astrologer, my marriage was to be with a girl living not very far from my village. I had no faith in such predictions thinking that the astrologer is trying to convince my father with some rational logic so that he could extract handsome returns for his predictions. Other than that, predictions made by the astrologer regarding the job of my younger brother in the government sector came true and so was the case of marriage of my younger sister with a boy hailing from a decent family with a job in a private company came true.
    In my case, there were a lot of offers from far off places but finally my father decided to settle my marriage with a girl belonging to the daughter of his own friend living just 40 km from my village.

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    Whatever may be the process of selection, the marriages might have been fixed in heaven itself. When we follow a certain method of selecting a candidate, finally the candidates who get selected will be the person who was decided as the marrying partner in heaven itself.
    Recently one of the distinct relative's daughter's marriage was fixed with a boy. All discussions were completed and we all thought the marriage is fixed and the only thing pending is to see an auspicious date and time. They have decided to wait for 3 months before the marriage is performed. Meanwhile, that boy started talking to the girl in a way that is not like the girl. So the girl decided to cancel that match. So the marriage got cancelled. Later their marriages were fixed with another boy and girl. When we hear such stories we feel that the marriages are fixed in heaven.

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    There is no doubt in believing the phrase. This may be new to the present youngsters as they are thinking marriage as a play and not as a longstanding bounding. Marriages made with a boy and girl born, lived in a remote place and joined in a particular (maybe same or different) place. They live a peaceful life without knowing each other before. The girl took a challenge of leading the whole family and she if necessary made marriages for her in laws without any hesitation and took a leadership role in such marriages, I am telling this by my personal experience as my wife who I never knew before took a lead in my family, cared my parents till their death, arranged a marriage for my younger brother - caring delivery of my brother's wife individually without having any previous experience. She took her role in a very high range and last her breath at her 55th year. Here it is necessary to think about the phrase that our marriage made in heaven.
    Presently subjected people for the role of bride and bride groom started their role as couples with great expectations and many persons are in the list still without marriage as they are rejecting the alliances, parents also supporting blindly them. Escaped marriage couples apply for divorce/separation as their great expectations were not fulfilled after marriage. In the beginning itself they are telling the boy or girl should known to them before, they are having private meeting before marriage and during their meeting their expectations or ambitions came to know another and thereby the arranged betrothal comes to an end. For them their marriages are not made in heaven but in street corners.

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    I am not sure what I should say on this topic, However, sometimes it happens that everything has been decided but at the eleventh hour unexpected event occurs. I have personally observed it that marriages are finally decided and apparently there is no hurdle in soleminising marriage ceremony on decided date and time but all of a sudden this event is cancelled or brides and grooms are changed then this notion becomes stronger that marriages are decided in heaven.
    Somebody asked a genuine question if marriages are predestined or predecided in heaven then what about divorces?

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    Some marriages are made in heaven and some are made in hell. Those which are made in hell makes the partners' life hell in this earth itself.
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    Whenever there is something for which there exists a number of permutations and combinations and also varied options then such phrases get evolved for describing that. Many people try to make a match of their children in a family but it does not get materialise. At the same time, some other match where efforts are minimal comes up and is quickly settled. This makes people believe that it is a matter of fate or destiny that decides about fixing a couple. In society generally, people exclaim that marriage is a matter of great chance and you do not know where it would finally get settled. In love marriages also the young people have many love relationships but they do not settle for the first one. In many cases these come out as the infatuations of the young minds and are soon forgotten.
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