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    Telangana proposed to bring English medium in govt schools from KG to PG

    Either too the state govt schools imparting primary and higher schools were mostly concentrating on Telugu medium and very less English medium schools or subjects. But TRS govt has now proposed to have KG to PG the English medium imparting education to which the present teachers are being given the orientation program in Hyderabad so that the new admissions would start for the next academic year with right earnest. Do you feel without pre KG education, the govt teachers would impart their best skills to the primary students ?
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    The same thing was tried in Andhra Pradesh. Actually, in AP the government wanted to make Engish medium a compulsion for all the students. But the court stayed that and what happened afterwards is not known. Now KCR wants to have an English medium in all government schools. The teachers are not trained to teach the courses in English. To train them the government has to spend time and money. Anyhow after giving the training also, the teachers may not be able to do justice as they have to teach both English medium and Telugu Medium students.
    I feel irrespective of the medium of instruction. the government schools should concentrate more on teaching effectively and see that all the students will become conversant with the subject. English medium can be started from +1 level. The students can easily manage this change in the medium and no problem will be there for them. The focus should be on the quality of teaching and education more than the medium of Instruction.

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    Today English has emerged as a global language. It has been so much popular around the globe that it has become a common language between the people of various countries. In such a scenario there is nothing wrong in embracing English as a language for medium of teaching. Learning English is no more a sign of slavery of Britishers. Coming to the local languages we must also promote that and should have full fledged subjects in that as well as they should be used as a medium of teaching in addition to English. For example in many educational institutions in the Northern part of the country the teachers teach in a mixed language containing of Hindi as well as English. Adopting English is today very necessary otherwise the students will be deprived of a major skill which is today required for all sort of scientific research, national level works, and international level jobs or assignments.
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    If we widen our views regarding the acceptance of English language, it would be a certainty create positive effects on the minds of the aspirants. Before dominance of English people in India, we were fighting ourselves apparently for a trifle issue. Once the Britishers emerged as rulers in India, they formulated a policy of educating the youths in their own ways making English compulsory for all studying in schools and colleges. Such a forced imposition had a positive effects on the minds of students accepting the same as the medium of expressing their emotions through this language though their base languages were entirely different. This language turned into a strong platform for their effective communication.
    However we should not ignore the positive side of this language since whatever we persuade for our studies, we will be benefited significantly with our familiarity of this language which covers a lot of study materials enriching the minds of the aspirants.

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