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    Goddess Meenakshi Car festival in Madurai

    Today I happened to witness Car Festival of Madurai Meenakshi after 44 years gap. The four main roads are flooded with people without any strange thoughts. Many people offered food packets, butter milk, water packets, hand fans etc., I have witnessed this festival till 1977 when I was in Madurai and collected hand fans, food packets etc.,Then I did not know the purpose but today only I realized the reason behind the supply of food packets and hand fans. Then people themselves forecast the need of hand fans as the crowded people might felt suffocation in the crowd. As many people comes to the festival from all parts of the country and all nearby villages and cities the food packets are supplied freely in order to feed them and prevent them wandering here and there for food. I realized the happiness in all faces even the delay in arrival of cars on the street. The festivals are not made for fun or anything but with purpose only they have arranged. Through this many small vendors got benefited, big vendors use this as their advertisement. A noted fan manufacturer arranged two or three big open vans by keeping huge man cooler fans of their make in the backside of van by providing air for the crowd. This on the one side they offer service to the public and at the same time they advertise their product. Many people offer their services with big hand fans flowing air for the assembled on the streets.
    This should be viewed with humanity and one should not think these are only for the people who have no work and who wasted their valuable times.
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    Generally, in many Hindu temples, it is customary to decorate the chariot and make the idols of God go around the streets of the place, after the next day of Kalyanam. The same practice is there in Madurai also I think. To see God going around the place in the chariot many people from that place and also from the places around is customary in many places, I used to go to Yadadri of Telangana to see the Chariot festival there. The same festival is called the Car festival in places I think.
    Many people believe that donating food to the pilgrims will be good for them and they donate food to the people there. In many Hindu temples, this free meals programme will be there and many people may donate to the same programme. Hand fans are very useful in Summer. We used to use them after wetting them and the breeze coming will be cold,
    I thank the author for sharing the details of the festival in Madurai.

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    The Meenakshi temple in Madurai is a pride religious place of Tamilnadu. It's magnificance is adored much by the visitors also. Long back when I visited some places in Tamilnadu then I had selected Rameshwaram Temple and Meenakshi Temple and really enjoyed my trip at these two places.
    Present festival in Madurai is happening after quite a long time and it is obvious that large number of devotees and visitors will visit this place during the festival.

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