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    Please share your suggestions for improving our language skills

    Language plays a very important role in our day to day lives. It is the medium through which we convey our thoughts, doubts etc to others. When we convey the message precisely only the other person can understand what we are conveying.

    Many members who contribute here are very good at their language proficiency. So I think we can utilise the talent available here for improving our language skills. So if they come out with some suggestion in this area all other members will get benefitted.

    Regularly reading books and understanding the new words and practising making sentences using these new words is one way to improve our language skills, I feel. I request all the other members also to share their points on how to improve our language skills.
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    If you are honest in your expression no matter you are dealing in first time, it will definitely impact the readers. The only important thing in this regard is not to suppress your actual feelings thinking that it might create an adverse effects on the mindset of the readers. You have to ensure that flow of your emotions is not affected with the unnecessary thoughts coming in your mind while going ahead with your creativity. Wipe out your idea that you are not proficient in your writing skills. If you are devoid of the negative emotions, your creation would attract the readers for your artistic display.

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    There are four aspects of knowing a language - speaking, reading, writing and comprehending. Children learn speaking from their mothers. Later they are taught reading and writing which takes care of comprehension also.

    However, adults like us have to further hone our skills in writing by learning the finer points of grammar and enriching our vocabulary. The richer becomes one's vocabulary, the finer becomes the clarity and precision of their expressions.

    Generally, uneducated persons have a very limited vocabulary and therefore express their feelings only approximately leaving much to the imagination of the listener.

    Reading good literature is the panacea both for enriching vocabulary as well as for learning correct usage of grammar.

    We should read reputed newspapers, books of famous authors and any other written content on any other available resources including ISC.

    But reading alone doesn't help. One has to write also regularly. As the saying goes, practice makes one perfect.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What I feel that India is the gifted country and we have so many language speaking people around us and surely each language has its importance the the lesson they teach in their own language is also very important to fast forward the same to others so that new information and knowledge spread to others. For example " Sani ponam thani pogadhu", this tamil proverb says that those who die on Saturday would certainly carry with them another person for sure. That means one more death would happen in the family. This is proven in many cases and members can also infer the same on this proverb. The elders know the intricacies of their life and how to live and these proverbs are coined out of their personal experience and thus turned out to be true and real. Likewise the members can share something about to others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Language is a medium for expression. Whether it is verbal or written, language is used for it. For improving proficiency in a language one has to practice it and go on improving it. It is not a one-day affair. It is a long journey and requires sustained efforts for learning newer things in a particular language. Syntax and grammar are the building blocks of a language and learning them make great sense. Then comes the aspect of vocabulary building. Adding new words to one's vocabulary is always an exciting matter. It makes the language well decorated and the writings of a person are identified as outstanding by its readers. So it makes sense to learn newer words and add them to one's kitty. Apart from that the flow and consistency in the language are desired for making an effect on the user or reader who can appreciate it better.
    Reading also helps in improving language but simply reading might not be so helpful. That is why some people make notes and write down the selected phrases and words found in that reading material and by this method, the learning of those new things is easily captured. Techniques and methods could vary but the main objective of language improvement should remain the prime target.

    Knowledge is power.

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