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    How many languages do you know, other than your mother tongue?

    Perhaps only in the remote villages of India, do the uneducated people know only one language, their mother tongue. Otherwise, in cities, generally, the people know more than one language. Also, in addition to the languages formally taught in the schools, people learn other languages on their own.

    Generally, the urban educated persons know three languages i.e. their own mother tongue, English and Hindi in the non-Hindi speaking regions and at least two languages i.e. Hindi and English in the Hindi speaking regions.

    I belong to the Hindi belt and therefore know Hindi and English but can understand other languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi and partially Gujarati and Bengali also.

    How many languages do you know, other than your mother tongue?
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    I am also from the Hindi belt. I know Hindi, and English very well. But I can read, write, and speak Punjabi and Urdu. I have completed a course in the Urdu language from Jamila Milia Islamia University and I have passed High School in Punjabi. Apart from this, I was in Gujarat for a few months and still visit occasionally. Hence, I can understand a little bit of Gujarati also.

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    I am from Hindi belt but I lived in such a place where there was considerable concentration of Bengali people. Hence I had the privilege to learn Bengali from them. With a little self practice and with their encouragement, I am able to read, write and speak this language effectively. Apart from that I am having enough fascination for Bhojpuri language and within their circles, I can converse in this language comfortably. While I received my primary education in Hindi, so I am comfortable with it. Though I learnt English at a late stage because of its introduction in class five and hence initially I faced a lot of problems in learning the same but with the time, I developed interest in it and ultimately overcame the difficulties of its learning.

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