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    Has any person attempted to cheat you ever?

    There are all kinds of people in society. Therefore, we cannot avoid coming in contact with dishonest people also. We often read or come to know through media that people cheated other persons and were caught by the police. But I think the percentage of people getting caught may be very low, only a fraction of the actual number of cheaters operating.

    I have also encountered many cheaters in my life and in the beginning, a few might have succeeded also. Let us share such experiences with a view to alerting our fellow ISCians beforehand.

    My advice is very simple, never get caught in any investment scheme which offers much more than the normal returns.
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    Since last two years, the corona effect paved way to many people to cheat in different ways and manners. Even in the medians like facebook etc., the cheaters are on the creep. Last month I have got cheated by an advertiser in the Facebook through their pictures of shoes at Rupees one hundred and ninety eight. As I had purchased similar 'casual' shoes for Rs.150 at Bangalore three years back, I believed the advertisement and paid for two pairs of shoes. Immediately after my payment, I could not catch the advertisement itself from facebook.
    Similarly I have ordered some pickles online from a noted vendor but paid Rs.395 through some payment channel unknowingly. The vendor supplied the product mentioned that they received the money. But the channel persons sending reminder by reminder and calling over phone that I have to pay 395 to them for the purchase. When I attended the call from the channel I told that the payment has been made and ordered items have been received. But they sent the message and mails again and again. I approached the vendor but they told not to encourage such mails and calls as they received the money. But on frequent messages, mails and calls I paid Rs.395 again.

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    A good suggestion from the author. If somebody is offering you a high rate of return on investment means there is something risky. These people never reveal that risk initially and they may tell about this only after you gave the money to them. So never get tempted by such offers.
    These days people are concentrating only on money returns. Some people take this as an advantage cheating the people. I also met many people who tried to tempt me with their offers. But somehow I have not made huge investments in risky platforms. So somehow I got saved and there are no losses so far.
    One of my friends gave Rs.25.00.000/- to one of his friends on a loan basis. Because of the friendship, he has not taken anything in writing from the other person. Now the person who took the loan disappeared and my friend is not able to recover the same.

    always confident

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    There are so many cheats in this world and we have to be very careful about this aspect. Some cheats are working as individuals while some are working as a company and luring the gullible investors. When I was working in a company then there were many advertisements regarding company FDs which were giving 5-6% more interest than the bank or Post Office deposits. Many of my colleagues invested in that and I also joined them and invested in a few companies. After a few years, we found that these companies were defaulting on the repayment of those deposits and were paying the amount only after a gap of 3-4 years after the maturity date. The worse was yet to come and then they stopped paying. We enquired and lodged a complaint with SEBI and came to know that those companies actually went bankrupt and were closed and their properties were taken by the Govt. After auctioning their properties Govt gave us a part of our money in one or two cases but we lost heavily in many other companies where the property was not enough to repay the investors partly or fully. This was really a lesson for all of us not to invest in such companies.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Well I was never cheated by any person for being a close observer of others movements and also being alert over the happenings coming to know through the social media, my neighbor wife was about to be cheated when we saved her for being robed with all gold jewels she was wearing. A woman came with a basket of some Goddess photos , lemon, haldi and kumkum and she claimed to be foreteller and impressed the neighbor with some shortcomings she faced and now she hypnotized her by applying the vermilion on the forehead the household wife was seen giving away the jewels one after other and that stunned the child who came running to our help and we immediately accosted her are recovered the jewels and meanwhile many gathered and even the police arrived to arrest the woman who was a habitual cheater.
    K Mohan
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    There is always the scope of cheating in the newly formed companies offering you hefty amount of interest on your money saved by way of fixed deposits. In this context, I do remember the case of one of friends of mine depositing a whopping Sun of Rs 25,0000/- in Alchemist by way of fixed deposit thinking that he would get an attractive monthly returns every month on his deposit. The amount could be even more than payouts received from any rationalised bank. When the banks were offering interest rate of around 9%, this company was paying out at the rate of 12%. This differential interest rate attracted many more customers in taking up their saving policies. However, after some time, we learned that this company is no more disappearing from the market. This huge loss could not be digested by him and finally he met with a severe heart attack within a couple of months of the loss of the money.

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    Maybe I can't remember any such special incident right now but it has definitely happened and probably it must have happened to all of us at some point or the other. Whether it is the school day of college or any competition or the passion to win a particular sport. There can be many reasons why. Always when there is a feeling between two people to back each other, then surely a person can resort to such weapons. So long as it is aimed without any harm, then perhaps it can be called normal, but like everything else, it must also have a definite limit.

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