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    Emotions and relations are fewer in society

    What I feel is that people are being emotionless day by day. All are running after making money.They don't want to have relations with others. Nowadays, people are giving more importance to electronic gadgets than human beings. I think, due to excessive use of electronic gadgets their minds are being like machines. They know only about use and misuse. The new generation people are treating the old generation people according to need. When they feel that their presence is required then they call them otherwise, they never ask about their well-being. Our family environment is moving towards western culture. where relationship has no meaning and money is all in all. I feel that we are in the middle. That is, due to westernization we are not fully Indian and not fully American. We are in a painful condition. Our children are being taken away from Indian culture. They have forgotten the meaning of "Atithi devo bhavaha" which means Guest is God.

    Please share your views.
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    Yes. People are not having emotions and affections. They focus only on their money, their happiness and their luxuries. They don't bother about what is happening to the other person.
    In our native place, there is an old person. He has two sons. One son is with him and he is doing a small private job and staying with his father. The other son is in a government job and financially in a good position. He purchased a house in a nearby city. So this old man thought that the house he is having can be given to the son who is staying with him and informed the same to the other son. But he never accepted that. He says he should get his due. He knows that his brother is in a small job and required help. Even then he refused and insisted that he could get his share. This is the way how things are happening.
    Some people never bother about the losses to others because of their actions and they simply think about their gains and profits only.

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    For many their own life and happiness has become foremost important and other things are put on hold back position. People have become more selfish and self centered that they do not want others feelings into their mind and then get bothered. The minds of people become so stubborn, no reaction to emotions, and no action to the reaction and thus life has become a machine for them aimed at performance for the self life. When the elders are yearning to meet the young ones, they cite no time and very busy status and when the same elder dies, they come calling for the obituary ceremonies and that was uncalled for visits. And gifted are those children who respect their elders because the parents has taught the intricacies of life from the day one of childhood and they know the importance of elders and their teachings.
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    Modernisation and westernisation have created a lot of differences in our society and though people have their emotions but their inclination and interest toward relationships and maintaining them is drastically reduced. It is also true that the respect that our parents gave to their parents was far more than what we are depicting today. This is not a healthy situation but the fact is that when we do not care much for our own culture and simply get attracted to other ones, especially the western ones then such a situation could arise. Culture, religion, traditions, rituals, manners, and social attributes define a community and if they do not resort to those things they lose cultural identities and start behaving in a reckless manner. I think we have to reverse this trend by inculcating good cultural practices in our children so that they remain attached to their cultural roots. We need to adhere to everything and it makes sense to get rid of illogical things but when it comes to relationships, respect, and honour of the family then we must adhere to the basic principles of our great culture. That is the only way to survive as a strong community in this world.
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