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    Is depression a curable condition?

    Many people suffer from depression in this world. It is a mental disorder and keeps a person troubled all the time. It could be modest or severe depending on the person and the background through which he had acquired depression. In some cases, it could be genetic also in its origin in a person. Whatever it is and whatever its intensity, it is a matter of concern. The person suffering from depression is not able to perform properly as he remains in a low stage during the depression and especially during the cycles when it goes up significantly. It is claimed that there are some mood affecting medicines that can cure depression. It is also told that there are methods in Yoga and meditation which help immensely in this condition and people have successfully come out of depression using those techniques. What is your experience in this matter? Have you seen any patients having depression? Was he cured? Please share your views.
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    At the age of 65 years, my father was under very heavy depression and he was of the feeling that he is near his death. I took him to a psychiatrist and the doctor is very famous in Hyderabad. He talked to my father for about 2 hours separately and advised him on some medication. Just in 15 days, he improved 50% and after 2 months he was a normal person without any problem. But he has to use those medicines lifelong. He is using them for the last 20 years. But he is completely a changed man and he never worried about any issue. His general condition is good and no complications.
    I think depression can be cured even without going to a doctor by practising Yoga. Yoga will make the mind of the individual calm and makes him think positively. That will change the attitude of the person. So it is better if the patient can do yoga daily for some time without fail. That will bring good change.

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    I definitely think so. I myself have never been in such a state, and I'm sure that I won't, but I had to deal with such a state with close people. It is enough not to hesitate and quickly prevent the development of depression and immediately contact a psychiatrist

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    How to control and contain depression lies on the self propelling the life and there cannot be outside force to have tame on it. The people under the depression are of the impression that the world has ended for them and there is no other way out. That is their negative thinking to which there is no remedial actions. The reason for the depression should be known first, and whether it was the sudden happening or it was being hoisted by some actions from others. What ever it is depression should not be allowed to continue and carry forward because it would lead to health complications of varied nature, the self confidence would be low, and doubting even the genuine person caring for us would set in our mind and all these leads to uneasy situation for the self and others and therefore say bye bye to the depression.
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