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    How can we improve our memory power?

    The human brain is very peculiar. It remembers certain events that happened years ago and may not remember the things we did very recently. We come back home and keep our purses somewhere. When again we want it we will fail to remember where we kept it.

    The main reason for this may be the attention and the focus we pay to the work we are doing. When we are studying a subject if there are disturbances from outside we can't concentrate on our study and we will not remember what we studied in that disturbed conditions. So we should practice staying focused on the work we do. Then we can remember the issues better. Keeping our attention on the matter will definitely improve our memory power.

    There may be many other ways to improve our memory. The members can share their thoughts on this subject.
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    The author is right that we should have some assigned areas where we should place the different articles such as our key bunches, money bags, purses etc and if no changes are made in such a matrix, it would be easy to remember the relocations.
    While arranging them in proper places, would ease out tasks for identification of our valuable items, we need a little concentration while doing our jobs so that we can have better memory power. The other way would be to have the rapid reading of some prominent books for at least ten pages and we need to see how far we have retained materials in our memory. In this process, our attention should be fully directed towards readings and nothing else.

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    In addition to attention it is the interest that creates memory within us. For example why we keep the memory of childhood happenings that were not only adorning but also interesting. And we keep memory of those things which are more interesting to us. For example if traveling is the hobby for many then the interest to remain each travel experience would also arose. There would would be noting of events that culminated during those visits and what were the turning points and highlights of the visits. And these small notings would become big memories in the future and that is the reason we keep on recalling things that were more interesting to us. Moreover memorizing the things habit should begin at the childhood days itself and that would pave way for good memories in the past, present and future and that is the reason our elders have good memories
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    Focus, concentration, and attention are some prerequisites for memory and memory enhancement. Another aspect is the retention of data in our brains. Each individual has a different degree of retention. Some people can memorize a lot of data while some keep only limited things in memory and forget all other things. Memory has a link with age also and when the age progresses, memory starts declining.

    Experts advise many materials and techniques for memory enhancement but they might not be equally effective and vary from individual to individual. It is said that meditation and mind concentration also helps in sharpening memory. There are many natural materials that are said to enhance memory power and these are available on the market in drug form. Some people believe that if we do not distract our minds from varied things and stay focussed on important things then our memory gets sharpened.

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    Certainly, the author has given very appropriate advice, when we focus our attention completely on something, then we can remember it for a long time. But perhaps the biggest problem is how to concentrate. Most people try to focus on things or happening around the but even after a strong focus after an amount of time most of us are distracted. Another important factor that also affects our memory is our interest. Interest in things or matters we are seeing or going through. There are many home remedies also suggested by experts to boost memory ut concentration is the key.

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