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    Whoever may be we are but never ignore others

    A friend of mine told this. He is a retired bank manager. From his own house in town he used to go to bank regularly. At the same time he used to visit a nearby hotel for evening tiffin and coffee regularly as the taste of coffee drags him. Since the corona effect he stopped going out totally. Recently he,as relaxation prevails, he gone to the hotel. His wife asked him to wear a good dress. He entered the hotel and noticed many changes inside. As he sat in a table a cleaner with mask approached him. By close up he noticed that cleaner only an old employee. He, my friend, with hatred mind turned his face and ordered his tiffin to the lady server. After finishing his eating ordered parcel for his wife. When getting the bill only he realized his mistake that purse, mobile everything he left in his old dress. With huge embarrassed he explained this to the server but she told that all of them new. Before his second thought the cleaner boy went to the cashier and told that he was regular customer and explained the situation. Cashier with smile asked my friend to pay the bill on his visit.
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    Ignoring somebody because they are not well educated or not in a good position is not correct and we should not do that. In fact, people who are in such positions may respect others more than the people who are in other positions.
    I worked in a factory where almost 600 workers were working. They used to invite all the officers also for functions in their houses. When we go to attend those functions the way they receive us and behave with us will be very grateful. When they come to our houses we never give them such a reception. So I arranged a special treat for all the 600 workers on the occasion of the marriage of my son, They are all very delighted and told me that so far no officer gave them such a reception for any functions.
    We may be having more education and more money, but at the end of the day if you think we are all human beings and we are all equal.

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    It is the fact that we should not ignore others, whether we change for a better or the situation improved upon in our life. And those who are regulars and we meet them often cannot be ignored at all for any reasons. What the author shared has happened to many and some are even turned back and not getting the due recognition. One thing is sure now a days the people are more concerned about the reciprocal gestures from the other person in some way or the other and that would decide as to how he would get help and reach out from others. If the retired bank manager was regular to the hotel and he must have confronted with regular visitors to the hotel and they would have told the cashier about his status. And how come the purse and mobile had been left at the home and come shopping for items from the hotel is the big foolish thing.
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    I worked in a factory attached office as a personnel officer where more than 500 workers and staff working.Besides the factory, office I was looking more than 20 branches all over India.
    All employees freely approach us for anything and we hold a good fraternity as my director practiced me.
    As a practice almost all employees put their first invitation to my director and me. Though it is not possible to attend all marriages, with a view not to appear bias if situation prevents going to any one, I and my director send one of our assistant to attend with our gift along with the gift from company (we were giving mixie/ pressure cooker to every employee marriage).

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