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    In the name of serving passengers the private contractors blocking the train compartment entrance

    I had been to Chennai for a day visit yesterday and while going and coming I noticed that the so called mobile serving contractor of food and snacks was stacking the entire items closing the entrance of the compartment and thereby posing undue inconvenience to the passengers either to entrain or detrain. When asked, the contractor vaguely responded that they have the right to stack and we the passengers confronted him and said that we have the right to throw the items out, to which buckled and cleared the place. Railways must look into this.
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    That is a real big problem. The train will stop at stations for a very short duration. Within that short duration, the passengers should get down and new passengers have to get in. Added to this if the sellers block that way with their items, we will be really in problem. These days many trains are having police people in the compartments and they will be moving around. They should see that these ways are not blocked. A
    In earlier days some passengers who were not have reserved seats used to get into reserved compartments and used to sit near the gates and that used to cause a lot of problems for the authorised passengers. But these days we are not seeing such a problem. Police are asking unauthorised passengers to get down and lock the doors. In the same way police should see that these people will clear the ways so that passengers can get in and get out without any problems.

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    These types of incidents should not be allowed to happen and what the author and his co-passengers did may be the right approach to stop them. The contractors cannot block the entrance and at the same time, the rules also must be specified properly by the authorities providing them with the contract. If there are no clear rules for stacking the items by the contractors then it will create confusion and the contractors may take undue advantage. To stop this, the authorities must circulate proper guidelines and keep a watch to see whether those guidelines are adhered to.

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    This is a serious matter. Railways already provide them with some space identified in some particular places and they should manage within that. If they start crowding and blocking each and every place then passengers would definitely object to it. It also depends on the factor that how many hawkers and vendors are allowed by the Railways on a particular platform. If their number is high then this would be inconvenient to the passengers and people would have difficulty getting onto the train quickly. We have to bring this problem into the knowledge of higher Railway authorities. Nowadays they are looking for modernisation and development in the facilities for the passengers and in view of that, they would definitely issue orders to the station managers for rectification of this disorder.
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    This is really an awkward situation especially when the train halts in stations for a short duration and within such a limited time, the passengers have to get down and others would be interested to get in hurriedly lest they would miss the train. If the contractors are behaving in these lines, there would be certainly hot discussion between the two and in that process, the passengers would be ultimately sufferers. However, what the police personnel are doing to improve the situation? This might haunt in our mind but sadly no solution is forthcoming causing a lot of inconvenience for the helpless passengers. This calls for immediate response from the Railway Authorities so that such awkward situations could be averted.

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