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    Should the summer vacation be reduced to compensate Covid studies loss?

    We all know that the education sector especially the school and colleges were very irregular and some state governments have even promoted the students to the next class without conducting exams. Now the situation has returned to normal, some school managements are against the traditional summer holidays and want to reduce the summer vacation so that they can catch up with lost man-days of classes and the students also forgot the continuity of education of all subjects and thus there is a need to rejig to bring back old glory. What is your reaction?
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    Reducing summer vacation for this year may be a good decision. But we should not accept the same every year. Last year many colleges were closed down and no classes were conducted properly. Online classes were conducted but many students did not follow the classes correctly. Somehow they got promoted. But their standard of education is not at all encouraging. So by reducing summer holidays, schools can plan special classes for the students and see that their standards will improve.
    But this year already summer is very severe and temperatures are increasing day by day. So parents may hesitate to send their children to school in this hot summer. So commuting from and to school is to be planned properly so that people will not hesitate to send their children to school even in summer also. It will be well provided the teachers of government school accept to come and conduct schools during these holidays.

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    Yes, the proposal is good though I would say it depends on the management, teachers and the students. If the teachers are not willing to conduct classes during the usual period of summer vacation then the management decision alone will not help. If the students do not join classes then also the purpose will not be fulfilled. So, if there is a conflict between the stakeholders I think they all should sit together and think of a solution to compensate for the hours lost during the pandemic. All the usual vacations during this session may be reduced to compensate for the losses.

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    The covid pandemic has badly affected our education system and learners were out of the educational institution for at least two years. The loss can't be compensated that the education system has faced due to covid 19 pandemic. However, educational institutions need to maximize their efforts to give some extra time to students and try to cover topics that we're untouched in these two years.
    As far the summer vacation is concerned, educational institutions can skip vacation this year to redeem educational loopholes created due to covid 19. Providing more time to students would benefit them and they would improve their performance in this academic calendar, I hope. There must not be an issue skipping the summer vacation this year which I think is in the best interest of the students.

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    It is a good idea to curtail a part of the summer vacation to compensate for the loss of studies of some of the students. In addition to that, the schools and colleges should look for tutoring opportunities during the weekend also. The main purpose is to help the students to catch up with their syllabus which was not completed effectively due to the Covid situation. Summer is a time when many families like to go out and travel and especially visit the hill stations also to enjoy the vacation. So some summer holidays are definitely required for the people who are waiting for it for so long. If the students are able to devote a good number of hours daily to their studies then there is no need of any additional tutoring on holidays.
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    Just a few minutes ago I had posted a thread touching exam schedule. Now I am sing this thread on vacations.
    In many states or boards the examinations are not yet over. For the lower classes there was some ritual in the name of exams. I am not sure, how much was achieved in this regard.

    The students were under heavy stress for the last two and half years. It is just recently that they have started fling a bit relaxe. Now only their confusions have started slowly reducing and they feel a bit stable as students. So let them enjoy the relaxations, let them get opportunity to visit their relatives and friends or go on tour to new places, enjoy some entertainment.

    Let them have the full quota of two months vacation as usual. Then they will be able to shed the hangover of Covid restrictions and usher in a new academic year with freshness as eager students.

    So I do not support the thread view of curtailing the vacation period.

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