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    What you seek is seeking you.

    It's a famous quote by "Rumi', that indicates we will find what we are searching for. in other words "what we focus on will expand." Every person has some qualities and some weaknesses. It depends on us, what we are looking for. If a person is studious, it might be possible that he is not social. if a person is full of compassion, it might be possible that he is not taking care of his family as they want. So if we want peace and an end to suffering we must focus on and appreciate their pleasant nature instead of criticising them.
    The famous quote by Robert Anton Wilson is "What the thinker thinks the prover proves." Means your every thought is important. So if you want blessings of the intelligence that is working in this universe, you will have to bless all.
    You and your outer world are ultimately one. When you stop pursuing the world hostile, you will be free, you won't have fear. your actions, thoughts snd words become different. The love and compassion generate automatically and you serve the world positively.
    "The significance is hiding in the insignificance, Appreciate everything."
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    This is the nostalgic post shared by the author. We will find what we are searching for, is the will power within us, the aim to achieve something which has been targeted and expected since long days. Here the focus of the person is being highlighted and what ever we aim to acquire would certainly expanded to seek more. Our life is itself a complicated one. What we wanted may not be successful. I have seen in many people that their matching of life partner is pathetic. Suppose for a tall girl, the short man as groom has been fixed, for a stout man, a thin woman comes as the wife and for the educated boy the uneducated wife would come to his life. All these things are not planned before hand but happens to us over the period of time and it is the greatness of every Individual that we get adjusted to every happenings in life and try to be happy.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The stronger the desire you have, the better the chances of fulfilling your desires. When we have a strong desire we will focus on getting that desire fulfilled. In such a case, our minds will go thinking about that desire and we will try to find out the ways and means of fulfilling the same.
    Another way of thinking is that, if you expect somebody to help you, you should inculcate the habit of helping others when they are in need. That will make you get that help even through unknown sources. So be helpful to others. They will help you when you are in need.
    If you appreciate the people for their good work and behaviour, definitely they will appreciate you when a chance comes. So if you want to get appreciated you should learn to appreciate others when they do good or behave decently. We should inculcate the habit of appreciating others and helping others when required. So you should give to others the something that we expect from others.

    always confident

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    Atit Verma, welcome to ISC!

    You must be seeking ISC then if I am not wrong. Anyway, I would suggest you go through all the posting guidelines which will help you to grasp this platform in a better way. A couple of important quotes you have explained here in your way. Revise your post for punctuation errors, uppercase and lowercase letters in the sentence, etc. Read other posts, respond to them and surf through all the sections. Go ahead and I wish you all the best.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Atit Verma, welcome to this educational portal and from your post, I understand that you have an interest in creative writing. The forum section is the entry gate for this website and there are so many sections in it where you can participate and earn points and awards for yourself. As already suggested above, please go through the rules, regulations, and policies of this site so that you can seamlessly contribute here as per your interest. There are a large number of articles, answers to questions, information regarding educational institutions etc available here and you can go through some of the samples and accordingly align your content so that it is published.
    Your first post is based on a famous quote and I agree that our efforts are needed for the results in many cases what we would be searching for would be there only and only thing is that we have to keep our eyes open and focus on our attempts to visualise and achieve that target or objective.

    Knowledge is power.

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