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    Visit your dear ones when they are alive

    When the elders are at home and want to see their far and near relatives, nobody would find time and visit them. But when the same elder expires, suddenly a swarm of relatives who were not seen before, come calling to express their grief and anguish over the death and even recall their closeness with the deceased. But what is the use of such visits after the death of a person? It appears that the purposeful showing of faces is just an eyewash and has nothing to do with their relationship with the deceased person.
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    I think it is a custom to visit the near and dearly departed souls and show our sympathy to the family members. Even though we are busy and we have many other works, one should make some time and visit them. That makes the family members a little satisfaction and helps them in coming out of the grief.
    If any of our close relations are not well and if we have that information we will somehow manage some time to go and see the person. Eventhough we are busy, we will manage some time. But if there is no time, we may not go but at least we will try to contact them over the phone and enquire about their well being.
    The near and dear of the deceased persons will be in a depression and by going and talking to them, we will help that person t come out of their depression. If nobody is going and talking to them their depression may not reduce and it will extend their negative mood. These visits are very much important and will be helpful to the family members. These will help them to become normal quickly.

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    Though some one takes this view otherwise, this is nothing but true. A distant, aged, relative of mine who was not in contact for so many years lived in a small distance from our house. By a fraction thought I went to their house to see that old lady. She was in good health and felt so happy on seeing me. I was in their house for more than half an hour. That old lady offered coffee to me by her hand. To my shock exactly the same day of next week I heard that she died.

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    True, we have lost the social connection, we remain busy with our work and give the least priority to our relatives, unfortunately. We don't value our near and dear ones. It is our moral obligation to visit not only elderly people but always stay connected to close relatives and all those in our vicinity.

    It is a bitter truth, we mostly have cut this bonding with our near and dear ones and always remain busy with our business or career, and our friends. Life is not only about money, it is to enjoy and spreading love and happiness! Sharing happy moments with our family and relatives is important to keep positivity in our relations. This comes only when we visit each other frequently and do not wait for any relative to expire before our visit.

    If we share some quality time, we will feel happiness and inner peace. But we are poles apart from each other.

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    It is very true that we are too much busy in our lives that we hardly get time to meet our relatives and even friends. What I have observed is that we have changed our life style in this way that we have no Time for others , even for our brothers and sisters. Sadly many of us dont meet their parents to let alone relatives. I don't think this is the right way to spend our lives.

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    This is a very nice suggestion from the author which is commendable. We are a life until we are alive, after this life who knows where we gonna go, we can not find each other in another world but here in this world, we have this great opportunity so we can meet each other talk to our loves and dear ones and show love and respects towards them. A live person can understand your emotions so show your emotions in front of them not in front of the picture only. Though we always keep our loved ones in our memory also we should spend as much time as we can with them when they actually hear us or feel us.

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    But who cares in this aeon people are so busy that they are seriously frustrated, and there is no thought of to serve and treat or visit others
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    It is a custom that if someone dies people try to visit there and pay their condolences. In earlier times it meant much because people went there to help in the matters related to cremation and other works, in addition, to paying their respect to the departed soul. Today people are just going in a formal way to show respect and not helping in any big way. So this visit has not got much practical meaning and people available locally should only visit and it does not make any sense for the outstation people to mandatory visit that place. Only the children should try to reach there if they are outside the town. The author of this post has nicely suggested that it would be better if we visit the old people before their demise. I fully agree for this proposition. It is a way to show real respect to them.
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    Yes, I also think in the same way. When people are alive people don't care to visit them but once they die, they visit them and appreciate whatever they did in their life. Sadly, we don't care for elderly people these days. I understand that the busy life schedule is the reason behind it but still, we should try to visit them as much as we can. I believe that their blessings are very effective and we should get them. Moreover, the joy they get from seeing people is very precious. I have seen how my paternal aunt shines when I visit her. She is 95 years old and she has problem with one of her hips she cannot walk so she cannot go anywhere. And she often asks people to see her and very few people go to her place.

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    Elders are a big chunk of knowledge, experiences and can cover all the loop holes in a family with their wisdom. True value of a person will be visible only in his absence. Family cores and finance play a crucial role in every person's life. We may be interested to go and meet them personally, sometimes the other family members may not support our decisions. This is the only key to postpone our travel plans. Instead of visiting tourist places, visiting elders of the family should be given top priority.

    Death is an unpredictable course of life, some people stay for many years after our visit. Few may just collapse in front of us. It is rightly said that sparing time with elders above 70 and kids below 5 makes us stress free. It will keep us healthy too. Rearrange your time schedules to visit them often.

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