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    You have not done any mistake means you have not tried any new thing!

    When we do something then it is natural that mistakes could happen especially when we try a new thing or new task which we had not undertaken earlier. Lack of experience in an area can always create failures in the jobs undertaken in that arena. Once we satisfactorily perform a job then next time it becomes easy to repeat it and execute it still in a better way. Practice makes a man perfect. The chances of mistakes would be more when we undertake a new type of job or try a new activity in which we do not have earlier experience. So, we should not be let down by the failures and mistakes when we try a thing for the first time. What is your experience in this matter? Have you ever failed in attempting a new task? Please share your experiences and views on this.
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    What the author has mentioned is absolutely correct that we are prone to make mistakes and such occurrences should not produce any strain. They are afraid of the comments of others and it happens to them most of times if they have failed to deliver results for any lapses. However, all the performers are not of same nature. Some don't loose patience to outperform in the next time but there are some who might be anxious and nervous about their failures. They would not review even the other way to perform the same in the correct procedure. They need to review the reasons for their failures so that they would achieve success in the next time.

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    I will not agree with author that when we do or attempt new things, mistakes would crepe in and that is not the fact always. Only yesterday I was watching a program on Super queens in Zee Tamil in which the queens were given the task of doing hair cut with fire options but under the supervision of expert who was standing nearby and gave one demonstration to which the two queens who participated for the first time and does not have the iota of the hair cut could able to grasp what has been done in the demonstration and they tried the same method and proved to be professional hair stylists of par excellence. If the observance and zeal is there within a person even the new things attempted for the first time would become the great achievement and therefore there is no hard and fast rule as stated by the author.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is no harm to make mistakes but if someone does not try anything new or for the first time will surely lose many things like learning, experiences, etc. People often do not want to take many risks or want to live just a simple life, there is not harm to follow this way also but when you approach a simple life you will also get the same result so if you really want something which is quite different then simple then you have to take steps towards extraordinary things from ordinary things. You will definitely get something from such things, rather a success or great learning.

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