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    Yoga or exercise, what is your priority?

    As a human, It is our duty to give some time in the morning for ourselves i.e. for our body and health and most of us resort to yoga or exercise to keep ourselves healthy either internally or externally. Sometimes some people are confused as to which one to choose because there is a difference between the two. In exercise, the whole body gets involved through different types of exercise, sweating starts, and this level of physical effort is more. On the other hand, In yoga, only breaths are considered through yoga, focusing on the breath and doing other steps. Both have their own importance, but if the choice of one is done due to time constraints or a busy routine, then which one should be given priority. Should this choice be made on the basis of age or physical ability, or any other basis? Share your thoughts.
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    Yoga and exercise are the particular choice to those who fail to do their regular duties. For the house hold brooming the entire house, then mopping the same and again decorating the forecourt with Rangoli is whole some exercise and the body bends, and exerts pressure on our body. Likewise the kitchen work also has the standing, walking, dicing and many such activities are concealed exercise form. That is the reason being so those who are active in kitchen and daily house hold work like washing the clothes, and cleaning the utensils are also part of great exercise and therefore they are fit and strong always. Yoga and exercise are done for few minutes but household chores are done daily without any break or rest days. So for the ladies the household works are the best exercise and they need not worry about other.
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    Both are having their own importance. You can do either yoga or exercise. You can do both also.
    Yoga is very useful in improving a person's physical, mental and spiritual fitness. Exercise stimulates the vital organs of the body and strengthens them. So each is having its own speciality. As an individual, if somebody gives me an option I will go for yoga.
    Exercising is generally done by persons who are having good health Some of the activities in various exercises are difficult to conduct when the person is not well. But that will not be the case in Yoga. Yoga can be performed by even people who are not well and old people can also perform Yoga.
    Recently we are hearing some cases where people lost their lives due to overindulgence in exercise but it will not be the case in Yoga. That is why I prefer yoga.

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    Generally, by Yoga, common people mean posture based physical fitness exercises, Pranayama i.e. breathing exercises and Meditation though the three are different.

    At my age, I do Pranayama and Meditation only, not posture based physical fitness exercises. Instead, I do walk regularly as a physical fitness exercise.

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    Exercise is one of the most important activities in our lives and it is essential for keeping our health in a good condition. People who exercise daily get the advantage of it keeping their physique in a good shape also. Exercise is to be done on a regular basis in a disciplined manner to reap its full benefits. Yoga is also an exercise that can be done without moving outdoors and is different from the exercises that we do in walking and running. Yoga is believed to be good not only for the body but also for the mind as breathing and focusing during Yoga is bringing many such benefits to the person who undertakes it regularly. Yoga and normal exercises both are useful for our health and I would suggest that we should divide the available time partly for Yoga and partly for other routine exercises. This way we can have the benefits of both. Sometimes we have limited time in hand and then one can at least perform some basic exercises before moving out of the house for attending to one's job at the workplace. The fact of the matter is that these activities are very useful for our health and it makes sense to find out time for that.
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    Both are forms of exercise and have similarities. There are various postures in yoga that are similar to physical exercises although the control of the breath is an integral part of yoga. By doing Yoga regularly, the mental awareness will increase whereas, a significant increase in mental awareness is not much noticed while doing only physical exercises. This mental awareness should not be confused with mental well being as both Yoga and exercise improves mental health and reduces depression. Mental awareness is attaining a level of consciousness involving the body and the mind in perfect sync which is possible by practising Yoga. One way to think of the two may be like doing exercise to increase muscle and physical abilities and doing yoga to increase both physical and mental abilities.

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