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    Long and lazy days of summer.

    We have already talked about summer or other seasons in many threads. We have noticed that every season brings with it nature and this seasonal change also makes us feel different changes in our nature. The days of summer are relatively long because of the structure of the Earth behind it and its distance and position relative to the Sun. But what can be the special reason for feeling laziness in these long days of summer? I have understood this from the experience of not everyone but most people, that on summer days one feels more sluggish than on the days of other seasons. Do the members also believe so? After all, what could be the reason for this, and what can be the remedies to get rid of this laziness. This thread and its response may prove to be very beneficial for people, especially the students.
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    Only two days back only I was thinking as to why the summer days are long and bring in more laziness within us. That summer starts from February itself and extend up to Mid June for sure. But this season the hot weather was controllable in February to Mid March and thereafter the mercury started raising. By 5.30 am there is a glaring sunshine in the morning and that gives the feeling that the day has been started early. In the evening also the day would invariably end at 7 pm and therefore we feel that long day every day would bring in sluggish working mood in our daily routines. And for those who enjoy the summer holidays in resorts they may have gala time for few days but when they return back, that days would be heavy and cannot be adjusted as they would long to go back to resorts and spend time again in swimming pools.
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    Summer is very severe this year. Already the temperatures are very high and we are not able to sleep without AC at the night also. The humidity in the atmosphere is very high and hence we are feeling sultry. This was not the case earlier in Hyderabad. But this year there is a significant change. I feel it may be due to the polluted atmosphere. In these summer days we will exhaust easily due to sweating and we lose energy easily and hence we can't work hard and we feel like spending the time without any activity. That will make us lazy.
    Another issue is the day will be long. Even at 7 PM, you will not see the darkness and by 5 AM it will be fully shining. This will make us feel that we are having a long day.
    In summer days we consume more water and hence we will not feel hungry and we can't eat much and we will fill our stomach with water only. That will make us weak and we may feel lazy also.

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    In winters and other seasons adjoining it, we feel active and go out and walk and engage in outdoor activities. That keeps us active and energetic. In the winter everyone would like to go out in the warm sun out and that is the motivating force taking us out of the house into the open environment. But in summer we cannot go out due to the scorching heat and are forced to remain indoors. Our activities are curtailed during this season and the result is that we start feeling lazy and lethargic. Summer is a time for indoor activities. Playing indoor games with the family, reading, viewing TV programmes etc are some of the activities that are generally undertaken by the people during the summertime. The feeling of the time is a relative feeling. When we have no outdoor activity then our activities inside the house are of limited nature and we would start feeling as if the time is moving slowly and the result is that the length of the day would appear unusually long. Some people have difficulties in passing the time in such a situation.
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