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    The use of abusive language is completely unacceptable.

    The use of abusive language in general or in any other form is not appropriate, but still many times people start using many abusive words in anger or quarrels. But I am really surprised when educated people who are working in good positions, or who are part of good institutions or are students, even when such words are used during their normal conversation, it is not right and It's a shame of them who use such abusing words even in front of their family members. In some families, people even use abusive words with love. I do not agree in the slightest that love, belongingness, or any other feeling has ever taught you to use abusive language.

    I strongly believe that people should oppose such things, and if someone talks to you using this language or such words, then immediately warn him/her that this behavior will not be tolerated and this language is not acceptable.
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    Good post from the author. First of all why one must allow the abusive language be used and that is completely unacceptable. Some people have the habit of using abusive language in their every sentence and that is uncalled for. In North India this kind of practice is being followed and they feel that it is the pride factor to say abusive language. In Tamil Nadu especially the conductors loose their cool when for a short distance instead of giving exact change, when the passenger gives big currency, he would certainly scold and if the passenger failed to alight at the respective bus stop and ask the driver to stop again the furious from both driver and conductor would be through abusive words only. So the public need to question these people as to why they are using abusive language for no reason. This must be completely stopped.
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    Why should we abuse somebody? Sometimes people may be doing some mistakes. When we those mistakes we can correct them and advise them to be more careful in future. You can tell them without abusing them and without using harsh words.
    Sometimes we may lose our temper and we may start shouting at others for no reason. This is mainly due to not having control over our emotions. We should control our emotions and we should try not to get angry easily. We can get this habit by practising Yoga.
    We can point out the mistakes of others very gently without getting irritated. But people will not give attention to such advice and that will make us get irritated and sometimes we may use abusive language to bring them around even though it is not our habit.

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    There are some people who use abusive language and feel proud of it by humiliating other people. It is a bad habit and actually, abusive language is an offence and should not be used in that way. We have no right to abuse others as others have also no right to do it with us. In a cultured and civilised society, an abusive person is seen with surprise. People start to doubt his family background and mentality. Many psychologists believe that resorting to abuse is a personality complex and a person having some complexes of complicated nature often resorts to abuse. Some people do it to show their superiority over others, especially the servants and poor people. For having a pleasant and reputed personality one should avoid abusing at any cost and control one's temperament.
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    Generally, slang words are used by people while quarrelling to vent their anger and to insult their opponents. Often, the users are not aware of the literal meanings of the words being used by them. Instead, they only know this much that such words or phrases are used by people while quarrelling. Sometimes, the people in positions of authority use foul language to control and command their subordinates. Funnily enough, a few people believe that only by using foul language, a certain type of people can be commanded and controlled.

    Kids learn the use of such foul language from their playmates in the neighbourhood and classmates in school. A few learn at their home also, in case such language is used by their uneducated parents. The junior workers learn such language from their seniors at their workplaces, In case such language is used there.

    Many people learn slang words in a foreign language e.g. English and start using the same even without knowing their exact meaning. Also, the use of slang words in a foreign language by the students in the schools and colleges is considered modern and contemporary.

    However, the fact remains that the use of uncivilised language or slangs is unacceptable in any case.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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