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    Why the world is concerned about extreme poverty in India?

    Time and again conflicting research papers and findings point out that poverty alleviation was very slow and in fact people below poverty line are growing and at the same time the recent paper from world bank says that India recovered from extreme poverty from 2011 to 2019. But the researchers fail to co-relate the fact that Indian population has been raising and more poor added to the pool and thus it is the continued process to help the poor and not the one time settlement as envisaged and sought after by foreign agencies. Any reactions?
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    Many countries always look at India and try to comment on the happenings in this country. Probably the reason may be the highest population in this country is the main reason for this. India is developing and India is a place where people can get cheap manpower for their work. So people will be concentrating more on the happenings in India recently in two or three incidents when The US commented on the happenings in India, our external affairs minister made very good comments and everybody appreciated him for his comments.
    Not only in India, in many other countries, but the people also faced severe poverty due to the COVID situation and the pandemic. Now the situation is improving and definitely, in the coming days, we will see some improvement. The gap between the poor and the rich increased due to the policies of the then governments and slowly the change is to be brought.

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