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    Why English learning has become more costly ?

    According to a leading website, 1.4 billion people across the world are paying a whooping 60 billion dollars a year to learn English. Now this revelation can spark big debate as speaking English has become big requirement for any company or organization and one can showcase the skills only through proficiency in English . When each one of us make a promise to teach one about English speaking, reading and writing, surely the world would be more literate in this International language and the exchange of views would be more amplifying. What is your take ?
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    How the author considered learning English alone costly. These days education itself is very costly. Any private school in India is collecting huge money from students in the form of fees. Many students are travelling abroad for their education and spending huge amounts for their education. These days how we present ourselves is more important than how much we know. So for this English language skills are important. So keeping this in mind people may be spending more learning the language skills. It is not just for reading, writing and speaking English alone. There are many other skills to learn. Teaching English to the people can be taken up but only basic issues can be taught. But more proficiency can be obtained by professional training and learning only.
    Definitely. The English language is having its own importance and one should learn the language so that he can have many options internationally to learn and earn.

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    The author appears to have been inspired by some advertisement or a message in a social media. We have been discussing the importance of English in some recent threads and others. I don't think learning English, either to read, write or speak, would be such a costly affair as projected by the author.
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    If we consider the importance of English, it is definitely important so that we don't face any communication problems with the different sections of the people for the free flow of our expressions. Now relating to expenses of learning this language in the different schools, it is always variable. Take the case of a government school attached to CBSE syllabus, it will cost practically nothing but in case of public schools, the charges including the other expenses are varying depending upon the infrastructure of the schools. Though learning this language is not that much costly if guardians are involved in the initial stages for the proper guidance and motivate their wards with different techniques. Once the wards are suitably motivated, learning process could be easier.

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    In fact, the coaching industry is exploiting the weaknesses of people. They are promising a moon to the students who attend their classes, be it for English learning or for anything else. There is no doubt that English has emerged as a leading global language. Therefore, learning English appears to be a must for interacting globally, be it for business purposes or anything else. There is a rat race of joining various coaching institutes without thinking much. People tend to adopt shortcuts. The culture of working hard is gradually receding. One can very well learn good English without spending a lot of money.
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    If we see the cumulative cost of learning a language or subject then it would also be a whopping figure. So just using that calculation and telling that English is a costlier one to learn might not be a correct analysis. It is very true that English has emerged as a global language and people are finding it important everywhere for communicating across the world as well as seeking jobs in the outside country. There was a time when English was considered a sign of slavery to Britishers but now it is not so as Britishers are confined to their motherland only and all the colonies have got independence. So learning English is an independent matter and is essential in today's world. People have to go for it anyway if they want to compete anywhere in the competitive environment.
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    Is it really so? If that is the case, then either English is the most important language in the world or the language has been marketed as the most important one. I know a couple of guys who got very good opportunities to go abroad because they knew German. In Japan also English is not so prevalent though they speak English when required, especially with tourists. The language people speak depends on the domestic economy of a country and if not much foreign interaction is required knowing another language fluently can be an option. English is a global language and many transactions all over the world are carried out in this language. Considering its importance, people learn the language and the way marketers have promoted it the cost of learning the language is bound to increase.

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    These days when education is too costly it is quite natural to see the high costs. Language course is a long process and it takes a long time maybe that would be a reason of its high cost but at the same time, it also depends on the area, class, institutes any many other external factors affects this thing. In places, many teachers teach English in less amount and even speak well the others too. But some institutes take unnecessary extra amount just because they are already famous in that area.

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