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    Do you like the exams to be finished in one go or being spread across weeks and months

    This thread is prompted by the exam schedule of my niece. She is appearing for the SSLC(Tenth standard) exams of the Kerala State Education board. The exams started in March-end. It is still continuing and is expected to end by April end only. When I glanced at the exam timetable, I found that for some of the subjects there is a week gap.

    Though it may be of some help for those who had not studied or prepared well and have time to do last-minute compensation, I think there can be two opinions on this. During my student days, I was always looking for the exams to start and finish in one go without a gap. Later, as a parent too, I had the same view. Mostly those days the exams used to be over by March 31st and vacation used to begin on April First.

    I would like to know the views of members both from the viewpoint of students as well as parents.
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    I prefer the examinations to start and finish in one go. We know when the examinations will start and accordingly we will plan our study schedule and we will be ready by completing all the subjects before the starting of the examinations. So the tension in the minds of the students will not be there for a longer duration. When we know that there is a gap between one examination to the other examination we feel that we can study the subject in that gap and we may waste the time before the start of the examinations. Here once the examinations start, we will have the tension of examinations and we also will have the tension of completing the subjects. So the tension will be there for a longer duration and it will be high also. Hence there will be adverse effects on the minds of the students. So my preference goes for shorter examination periods than extended periods.
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    When we were studying the exams would start on Monday and end on Saturday without any holiday or break in the middle and we are sure about the next exam and the preparation would be with right earnest as soon as the exam ends by 11.30 am. But these days the portion is wast and the exams per subject is split into two and if all the subjects need to cover, the exams would be held for 12 days or more based on holidays. And some exams are given more time intentionally for preparing and that would defeat the interest of the exam for sure. I am of the opinion that students must be ever ready even to attempt two exam daily because the attentiveness in the class and some preparations before the exam is far enough to crack the marks and I of the opinion that staggered exams would loose the interest in the students and they would fault.
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    The purpose of examination is to test the knowledge of the student as what he had studied during the year. There is no point in staggering the examinations over a long period of time. That is only a waste of time in the sense that when sufficient time has already been given before the exams then why more time should be given in between the exams. It is obvious that if exams are straggered over a long period of time then the results will also be delayed accordingly. In my view minimum gap should be given between two exams and its should not be more than one or two days. If there is a long gap then the length of the summer vacation will also be affected to some extent by that arrangement.
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