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    Human relations are to be given priority

    Human beings are social beings. They have to live in society. Society is nothing but a combination of different types of people. No two human beings are similarly mentally or physically. Everyone will have his own way of thinking.

    A person may be very rich or maybe poor. But as long as he is in this world he requires help from fellow beings. So we all should give top priority to human relations. One should not make more enemies and one should have control over his behaviour. We should not hurt the feelings of others for our own comforts and desires. We should be accommodative and ignore small issues so that we will have good relations with other persons in this society. Sometimes we even can ignore our comforts to maintain good relations with other people.
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    In cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities now people have no time to say even hello to their neighbours. We often read about cases of road accidents when people just pass on the roads leaving the badly injured accident victim bleeding.

    The world is becoming more and more competitive due to unabated growth in population. Even children are not taking care of their parents the way it was in the past.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What the author has mentioned is absolutely correct that we should maintain human relations sometimes even sacrificing our own comforts. We have to ensure that are relationships with our known people are not strained for a trifle issue. Very often, it has been seen that we are indulged in some discussions going for hours and though not necessarily it is not confined to personal attacks, but such discussions might hurt our own friends if ideas of ours don't match up with those of friends. To maintain human relationships, we should be rather tactful and see that our known people are not irritated for our aggressive behaviour. A little care can save our friendship for life.

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    Nice post from the author. A successful life is possible only when we live life in harmony with various aspects related to life. The most important of which are relationships, career, and health. If you leave out or miss any of these parameters, you will not be able to feel the level of happiness that you want. A sick person will never think of taking care of the relationship because he will be in trouble, just like if you are not satisfied in your career then your relationship may get spoiled because an ordinary person in such a situation starts getting away from his loved ones. My wish is that when we maintain a balance in all three parameters, we lead a happy life. It may happen sometimes that you have to give priority to any one of them but after that, you should also focus on the other two parameters as we should not miss anything.

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    Human relations are the building blocks of our social lives. Human relations are all about how we deal and communicate with our fellow beings. How we behave with other people in the society keeping their emotions and sentiments in our mind. Good behaviour is the key to friendly relations with others. There is no barrier in human relations neither money nor religion or caste. Keeping good human relations is an art. It requires patience and endurance. People having good leadership qualities generally have good human relations with others. They give importance to each and every person in their team or otherwise coming into their contact. It is obvious that inculcating human relations is a priority area in our lives.
    Knowledge is power.

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